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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

If you know me, you know that I love reality tv. Most of it might be scripted for more drama for the viewers, but I don't care... I can't get enough of it.

Laguna Beach... I guess my love for reality tv evolved back in 2004. My first experience with reality tv was Laguna Beach. How I loved watching the drama unfold with LC, Kristen and Stephen. And let's be honest, we all rolled our eyes when Kristen would say "STEPHEN!"

The Hills... Most of the cast from Laguna Beach after graduation appeared on another reality tv showed call The Hills. I still love watching reruns of this show. And Spencer Pratt... man, he really lost it towards the last season. Of course, one might ask... did he ever really have it all together?! And Justin Bobby... we can't forget him, right?!

The Bachelor/The Bachelorette... I use to love to watch this show on ABC. However, it seems to be the same thing every season. So I kinda stopped watching after the 12th season. However, y'all keep me up-to-date with all the tweets during the season. Ha! But, I will admit, that I always watch the last rose ceremony when he/she picks which girl/guy they propose to!

The Real Housewives... We watch Beverly Hills, Orange County, New Jersey and Atlanta. And I often wonder what my intro would be on the show... maybe... "Y'all might be my favorite southern word, but my favorite title is Mrs." I still think if they have a Real Housewives of Birmingham, that I should be on the show. Ha!

DanceMoms... I know, I know... I complain about the way the Abby treats the girls, and the moms. But I can't turn my head away from it. It's like watching a train wreck... you hate to see it happen, but you don't want to miss it. And the Cathy drama cracks me up. I wonder if she really is like that in real life?

Big Rich Texas... Country Club chicks and their daughters causing nothing but drama for the world to view. This might be the worst reality tv to date, but again, it's someone else's drama and I find it mildly amusing.

Kim and Kourtney Take Miami... Oh come on, you know you love seeing what Lord Disick is doing, and Mason. Y'all his little voice cracks me up! However, watching the amount of money Kim spends makes me sick to my stomach. But, I'd love to live in their beach house... seriously, it rocks with that pool, and the view!

What are your favorite reality shows? Bethenny Ever After was another favorite of mine, but I have a feeling that one won't be back on tv, ever. And I was really pulling for their marriage to work! Let me know if I'm missing out on some of your favorite reality tv shows.


  1. Oh man...I miss Laguna Beach and The Hills!! They just don't make reality TV like they used to. Oh, Justin Bobby. A man so great, he needed 2 names. Spencer for sure never had it together, and Heidi? Needs to be committed for following him around. There is a fine line between blinded by love and clinically insane. I don't really watch much reality TV these days. I do try to sneak in any of the Kardashian shows when Chris isn't around...but mainly because I like to feel normal.

  2. Oh my! I love me some reality tv too! It is the best! I miss Laguna Beach and The Hills! Those were my favorite shows!

  3. Well I love reality TV too, but I only watch Dance Moms off your list. I never watched one episode of Laguna or The Hills. I guess I thought it just sounded like a little too much drama for me...

  4. I can never get enough Real Housewives of anywhere! Guilty!

  5. hahahahahaha I love Housewives and Dancemoms! I cannot get enough! I record them all.....poor Phil lol

  6. I think I am missing something because I don't watch reality TV. Wait...does Duck Dynasty Count, because I am all over that! LT usually makes me watch Pawn Stars and Storage Wars. There is no way I could get him to watch Dance Moms. LOL! Enjoy them for me!

  7. Laguna and the Hills will always be my first reality tv loves. :)

  8. I wanted to be BFF with LC so bad! I thought she was the coolest girl since sliced bread. And then in the hills the crazier spencer got the more I loved him... Especially when he carried around those crystals.

  9. My favorite would have to be Dancing With The Stars! Love it! I used to love bachelor/bachelorette but now I just read reality Steve and the next day!

  10. I hate Kim K. I love Lord Disick. So I have to watch.

    I adored Laguna Beach and still say Dunzo, thank you KCav for that.

    I'm a sporadic Housewives watcher.


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