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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We all have routines, and some are normal, and others might seem strange to some. This is my compiled list of things that I do first...

• As soon as the Mr wakes me up with kisses, I moan and say I'm not going to work today. However, I seem to go to work every time I say that.

• Once I'm awake I check my emails on my phone.

• I always turn my CHI on before I look in the mirror.

• Hair, then makeup, then get dressed.

• Clothes before jewelry...

• As soon as I walk in the office I turn on my computer and head for the kitchen for a caffeine free diet pepsi.

• Before responding to any emails, I always check the calendar to see what the day has in store.

• Before get back to my emails, I always check instagram and twitter. Ha!

• I always call the Mr before I leave the parking lot to make sure we don't need anything before I head home.

• Garage door goes down before I get out of the car, you know, just in case something or someone tries to get me.

• First the purse is put on the table, then I go straight to the closet to undress and get comfy clothes on.

• Before getting dinner started, a diet pepsi is poured and gulped. Not all of it, just a little bit. =)

• The plates are on the table, but before I start eating, a picture for instagram is a must!

• Watching TV is always on the agenda, but a bath or shower usually happens before I sit for the evening.

• Shower is shampoo first, then shampoo again, body wash, conditioner to stay on while I shave, and then stand still for a few minutes just letting the water pour down on me.

• Before crawling in the bed, it's brushing of the teeth, getting a cup of ice water, and turning my air purifier on.

• Plug the phone in, grab the kindle (if I'm reading that night) and once I'm ready to some shut eye... lamp is turned out, kiss the Mr and get some shut eye.

What do you do any of these like I do? I think it's funny how we get in a routine, and when our routine is interrupted things get missed or not accomplished. And that's never good, y'all! =)

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. I am the same way. My morning routine is always the same but my nightly routine seems to be different every night. It is funny how we get set in our ways.

  2. I def have my routine.
    And don t like it to change
    Looks like social media is a big part of yours :)
    Happy hump day

  3. I have a morning routine, and get super irritated if it gets set off by even a few minutes! When you wake up at 5:05am, you make the most of every minute! I am not a huge fan of "having plans" on a night during the week either because it messes up my routines.

  4. I used to be that way when I was working out of the house. All the guys I worked with laughed, they said I was like clockwork once I got to work! Hahaha. I am a little more relaxed now, but my bed time routine is very strict! And always in order!

  5. Super cute!!!! I love this post, mostly because I love a routine so much!!! If I didn't have my routine or planner I would be lost! Seriously, lost!

  6. I love this post, I am a routine girl for sure. I love reading how other people go about things. I might do one in the future and link back to this one!

  7. I don't really have a routine... but I want one! :)


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