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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This question gets asked a lot here in the blog world. And even the question "Why did you start a blog?" Everyone has their own reason, but today I wanted to share with y'all why I blog...

It all started back in 2007, however I didn't publish my first post until January 2009. Maybe I should call it a New Year's resolution, or maybe I shouldn't, but I was determined that year (2009), that I would make use of the blog I had created. I wanted it for a place where I could keep up with the social events I was attending with my job, and for things happening with my every day life. And getting started, yeah, like many new bloggers, I had no clue what I was doing (obviously because it took me two years to get the nerve to publish my first post). I even remember the first blog design I had. It was from one of the free sites offered, and my blog was called Confessions of a Southern Socialite. For those of you who have been with me for a few years, you might remember that name and look.

I back in 2007, I was the editor of a social magazine for my hometown (2007-2012). It's what brought me back to my hometown after a short (2 year) adventure in Jackson, Miss. However, without the love and support of my boss in Jackson (Leilani), I would have never accepted that position to start a social magazine and move back to my hometown. Honestly, I didn't really even know I had it in me. I loved it, and really wanted to have a memory of all the fun I was having on the job attending all the social events in the area. So, blogging wasn't something that was heard of a lot during that time, but I knew a handful of people doing it. And I thought I would give it a try.

Y'all, I realized that blogging was for me. It was the outlet I needed to speak my mind, journal my life, and have a place where my memories would always be near. Little did I know that in May of 2009, my life would forever more be changed. That was the year I met my love, my better half, my soul mate, my now husband. After realizing that this man was the one for me... the blog took a little bit of a different turn. It became "our" blog. Even though we weren't married at the time, I still wanted it to be a place where I could keep our memories of our dating months and years in one place. It's so much fun to go back and reread the posts and see the photos from all the fun we had while dating.

I also started blogging on recipes... why? Because I love to cook, and I wanted to be able to share with y'all the great recipes I was cooking.

So, if you are keeping up with me, I think you might be realizing that this blog was slowly becoming a blog about my life. It wasn't just about the events I was attending, the amazing love I had found, or the food I was cooking... it was those things and so much more!

In March of 2012, our blog became the Sowell life... a glimpse into our sweet southern life.

One thing I think blinds most bloggers or aspiring blogger is the fact that you feel you need to be successful. You want tons of readers, and you want tons of followers. Well, that's not why I blog. Yes, I want people to read it, if they want to. And I want this blog to continue on, but I don't do it for the fame or the money (cause there is no money with this blog, however, my husband wishes it did pay because I spend so much time doing it). I do it because it's our memories in one place. It's a place where I can vent, share in the joys and sorrows, and it's ours. Not anyone else’s.

We don't live in our hometown anymore, and this is a way our family and friends can find out what's going on in our lives. Oh, and we have stalkers to. (Hi, to all the stalkers!) But our life is an open book. I have nothing to hide, so read away.

I've shared many joyous occasions (which ironically my husband calls me joyous occasion), and we've shared with you heartbreak, and even vented about things you could probably care less to read about, but it was important to me (us) at the time. And the reason those posts were published is really not for y'all, but for us, so down the road months and years from now we can look back and see the good and bad times we've experienced and remember how blessed we were then and now.

Whether you are here by chance or here because you love the Mr and I... we are happy that you are here reading about our average, every day life. It's not glamorous, but it is our sweet southern life.


  1. So fun! Am I one of those stalkers?? :)

  2. I don't blog for tons of readers or followers either. I'm glad I found your blog!

  3. I am SO glad you decided to blog =) There have been times that you have inspired me to quit procrastinating and get going.

    p.s. I have missed you ;-)

  4. I love your blog...so glad I follow!
    And I love how you said "it is a place where my memories would always be near." That is why I blog too.
    Keep up the good work Joy!

  5. I love this! I joke because blogging is like stalking, but an okay way to do it! We meet friends that we wished lived closer, and have great and not so great memories in one place. Then you can even make it into a book if you choose! :) Glad I found your blog!

  6. This makes me smile!! I remember that first design and it has seriously be a "joyous occasion" to watch this blog morph and our friendship flourish....even when I'm MIA lol

  7. i didn't know you had a previous blog! i like both titles but feel this current title fits you better :-)

  8. Very cool to read about the transition from a blog about events to a blog about your family!


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