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Sunday, May 5, 2013

I've talked a lot about this topic in previous posts, but I decided to would join in on some of the "blog everyday" topics, and this just happens to be the subject for today. However, it said to only talk about one blogger, but y'all know I can't just single one blog out.

So, I'm going to give you a little preview of some of the bloggers I love! Hang with  me... I love each one for different reasons, but I know you'll love all of them, too!

Darby {Life with the Hawleys} She's more than a blog friend... she's my sister in Christ, my soul sister and one of the closest friends I have. Her blog is full of recipes, DIY tutorials, and you'll even get a glimpse of her two adorable fur balls, Tomlin and Rooney. She's a Steelers fan, and a Dr. by profession. There's plenty of reasons why I think you should check out her blog, but I think you'll see for yourself once you take a look.

Jessica {Bluebird Sisters} This is the blog I go to for a pick me up. She always has an interesting story about "The Bird" and I'm sure to laugh at some point while reading her posts. And like Darby — I've actually met her in person! Head over to her blog, and get some laughs today!

Nadine {Life by Nadine Lynn} So Nadine and I started following each other's blogs around the end of 2012. And since that time, I've gotten to meet her, twice, and we talk/text quite a bit. She's a Southern transplant, but don't think she doesn't already have the Southern charm! You'll love getting to know her, she's holds nothing back!

Steph {Life According to Steph} The titles of her blog posts always have me so intrigued. She takes the best instagram photos! And if her writing doesn't keep you reading... seeing pictures of Gus and Geege will have you coming back everyday for more!

Megan {Tis So Sweet} I've been following Megan for many, many years. I've seen her blog go from a Party of Two, to a Party of Three! They adopted a beautiful, sassy, oh-so-adorable little girl last July, and I can't stop smiling when I read her posts! She always has a positive attitude, and you won't find a truer Mississippi State fan! If you need a dose of cuteness... just check out her blog. Oh, and you'll instantly be jealous of how her little girl dresses. Seriously, I've never seen her wear the same thing, twice.

Stephanie {Plain Chicken} This blog, my friends, is where I get my cooking inspiration from. She has wonderful recipes, and I love to try a few of them each month. BTW, this is where I got that wonderful crockpot potato soup recipe from! Go be inspired today!

Who are your favorite bloggers? I'd like to know!
Happy Sunday!


  1. I just realized I got my days mixed around, whoops! So much blog love going on, I love it!!!

  2. Thanks for the love!

    I just started reading Darby's blog, I didn't realize I wasn't following her!

  3. Thanks Lady! I love when you recommend blogs... I always love them too!

  4. Ok my heart just exploded the like Grinch!!! I love that blogging has brought is together!! I love you soul sister!


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