Hey Batter Batter — SWING!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

While we were back in Mississippi for Mother's Day weekend, we went to see our nieces place in a softball tournament. They aren't on the same team, but were playing at the same time. Which made things interesting running back and forth from field to field to make sure we saw both of them on the field, and up to bat. Both of them played pretty good, especially since they had only had two practices a piece with their teammates this year before their first games. Of course, there was a lotta chatter and smack talk coming from both dugouts and on the field. But hey, isn't that what you remember most about playing ball when you were younger? Oh, and you can't forget at the end of the game — lining up to shake hands with the other team. The games we saw, Emma's team won by one point, and Hannah's team lost, but not because they weren't playing their hearts out! Both of them had another game to play later that afternoon, but they both lost. However, they have many more games ahead of them this summer! And while we might not be able to make it to any more of the games, I feel certain it will be entertaining for anyone there watching!



Have you ever heard the smack that's talked on the field during a game? If you haven't, just head to one of these games and listen to the chatter. You'll be giggling, and instantly taken back to your younger years of playing ball.

Play Ball!!


  1. Gotta have the batter banter, right? These are great pictures! I'm sure they loved have you there to cheer them on!

  2. How fun! My nephew plays football, and both my nieces cheer....it is RIDICULOUS to hear the parents talking smack. The footballs players were 6 and 7 and you would have swore you they played for Alabama and this was the national championship game! Quite entertaining. My favorite part is that Cooper, one of my 3 year old nephews, was into the cheerleaders and flirting with them from the side lines. That one is going to be a heart breaker!!!

  3. Great pics Aunt Joy! :)

    They both had their game faces on that's for sure!!

  4. So sweet of y'all to go to their games! I loved playing softball as a kid.

  5. They're so cute and you're so sweet! Great photos too.


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