I'm afraid...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We all have fears, and today I'd like to tell you the things I'm most afraid of...

• never being a mother to an earthly baby

• snakes — real, dead, plastic... you name it

• tornados/bad weather in general

• being rear ended... it happened once when I was in eleventh grade and it was awful

• seeing a loved one in pain

• losing someone I'm close to — husband/family members/friend

• not having my sight or hearing

• being drugged/being kidnapped

• heights

• failure

• the unknown

• another miscarriage

• being late or behind

Nine of these are something I think of almost every day. Once I start to breath, and pray, these fears usually calm down. I know who holds tomorrow, just have to remember to give it all to Him.

What are you most afraid of?!


  1. I have a fear of being kidnapped too! Ah! Your list is so true!

  2. I am afraid of so many things!! I'm really working on it, though. I look at my nieces and watch them play. They have no fear of anything. They don't have any concept of the evils of this world or the trials they will face later in life. I just wish I could have the heart of a child for a day! How awesome would it be to just have no fears at all?!

    Have a great week. Joy!

  3. I have different fears in every phase of my life. Have to stay conscious about throwing off my spirit of fear and trusting the One who can save me from them! (just like you said)
    Heights and sickness are in my top 3!

  4. I am claustrophobic and fear being stuck in a small space.

  5. I, like you, have to remind myself of that. 1 John 4:18 I try. Thanks for this reminder.

  6. We share a lot of the same fears! Are you surprised? Doubt it! Love you girl!

  7. The snakes I KNEW would be on the list!:)
    But when I read the being late...at first I thought no that would be GREAT - then I realized you weren't talking about THAT.

    I'm super afraid of home invasions....

  8. Ok....this may seem silly, but I found another way we're like long lost sisters. In 12th grade, 3 days before graduation, I was reended too and it is something I am petrified about in traffic now!


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