LRB visits Bham

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I was soooo excited to hear that one of my very good friends from when we were both in Meridian was coming to Bham for the weekend. Considering we hadn't seen her in almost two years... we were soooo excited to have her and her boyfriend over for dinner last Saturday night.

Lindsey and I were both in the media while we were in Meridian, and about a year before we moved to Alabama, she took a job in Memphis. We went to visit her while we were seeing family in 2011, but since we live 400 miles away... it's hard to have that connection like we had in Meridian. I mean, I'm pretty sure we had dinner together at least once or twice a month back in the day.

We love to have people over to the house, and seeing LRB and Matt walking up to our door just made me smile from the inside out! Plus, I follow her on twitter and I knew she had just come back from LA being backstage at The Voice! She always did have the latest gossip back in the day, and nothing has changed! =)

We fixed her favorite meal that she would always request when she would come over to my house in Mdn... grilled chicken, loaded mashed potatoes, green beans, and Sister Schubert rolls! We had tons of catching up to do, and of course she wanted a tour of our new home. And the hours few waaay too fast, and it was time for them to say goodbye. But not before pictures! You know we had to take pictures!!

Lindsey, we can't wait to see you and Matt again!! 


  1. It's wonderful to reconnect with old friends!

  2. Ah! It looks like y'all had a great time. Entertaining friends is the best.

  3. How fun! And how cool being backstage on The Voice!!


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