Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thankful for vacation...

We're busy packing our bags, and getting everything ready for our beach vacation. So here are some things I'm really thankful for this vacation.

• days away from work

• family time at the beach

• my husband to walk hand in hand on the beach with

• destressing while listening to the waves come crashing in

• yummy food

• vitamin d

• sunscreen

• outlet mall shopping

• sand between my toes

• sand castles

• pool time

• putt putt golf

• gorgeous sunrises and sunsets

• and time to read in the sun

Yep, I'm ready for it!!!


  1. I love all of them, except for mini golf!

    I'm excited for your trip!

  2. Yeah for me following you on IG. I am bound to feel like I am there with you!! :) If you could bottle some of those beach rays up and send them my way! My skin is dying for color!

    Enjoy yourselves & really relax!!

  3. Have fun y'all! I'm looking for a condo for my birthday weekend again this year. I wish I lived on the coast.

    One day...

  4. Sounds glamorous! Have fun!

  5. Me too! Hope y'all have an amazing trip!


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