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Friday, May 10, 2013

the Sowell life

the Sowell life's Friday five...

1) {The Bossman's Birthday} I love any chance to have to celebrate birthdays... and usually that's because we order a cake from my favorite — Edgar's Bakery. This is their Sundae cake. It consists of a layer of chocolate with chocolate chips, a vanilla layer, another chocolate with chocolate chips and another vanilla. Oh, and there is a yummy buttercream icing with chocolate and caramel syrups drizzled all over the top! Yep, YUM! This is how we celebrated our owner's birthday this week. And I think he enjoyed it because he had two slices! =)

2) {Honey Mustard Coma} Yeah, you already know how much I love McAlister's Deli, but did you know how much I love their honey mustard. We love it so much that we order it on our sandwiches, and then we order THREE more sides of it — two for me, and one for the Mr. I dip my sandwich and my baked lays in the sauce. Trust me, if you haven't tried it, do it. You'll thank me later!

3) {Mother's Day} Can we just talk about my lack of gift wrapping skills. Seriously, I'm no good at it. The Mr usually handles our wrapping of any gifts, but this year for Mother's Day, I decided to go with gift bags. And thankfully Target has cute ones, at a steal!

4) {Happy Early Birthday Marsie Belle} This cute little chocolate and tan dachshund has a birthday coming up on Sunday. Yep, she'll be 10!! We've already picked out some of her presents, but it's tradition for her to pick out one, too! Don't worry, I'll have a full recap of her birthday celebration next week! =)

5) {A challenge has been made} You heard it here, first! The Mr has decided the next time we have homemade spaghetti, that he will be making it for us, his way. I agreed, and I'll let y'all know the outcome when this happens.

Now, who's ready to link up?!! Thanks for stopping by, linking up, sharing the link up on your blog and on twitter! I appreciate y'all spreading the word more than you'll ever know!!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Be sure to check out the Foodie Friday contributor on the AlabamaWomenBloggers website! 


  1. Love that ecard, it applies to every single Friday.

    I hate wrapping gifts. I try only to bag. At least you found some great bags! I find the best ones at The Dollar Store believe it or not.

    It's been too long since I had honey mustard. I love to dip fries in it.

  2. That cake looks amazing!!
    Happy Early Birthday MB.

  3. I do love me some Target, but I've actually discovered the Dollar Tree when it comes to wrapping paper, cards and bags. Not necessarily the selection of Target, but, can't beat $1!!!!

    That cake. I die. Enjoy!!,

  4. OMG! Love Mcalisters Honey Mustard! I had some yesterday with my club, SO GOOD!! That cake looks delightful and I love a good challenge, can't wait to see how that spaghetti turns out! Let the Mr. know that I'm rooting for him!


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