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Thursday, May 30, 2013

It can't be Thursday already, y'all! As y'all know, I'm on vacation, and today I've got another one of my favorite bloggers, Suze, sharing about traveling without your baby! I love all of her posts, so head over to her blog after she confirms that you can travel without taking your baby!


Hi, everybody!  Or as Joy might say, hi, y'all!  I'm Suze from Straight on the Ground, and I am so delighted to be posting on Joy's beautiful blog today.

I had a baby last summer, and in March, we went to Orlando — truly the happiest place on Earth.  Our baby was about eight months old when we took our trip.  We were going back and forth about whether we should take our baby or not.  It was a hard decision.  I didn't want to leave him, but I knew he would not have a good time.  And we probably wouldn't have had as good a time either, frankly.  So we left him with his loving grandparents and we peaced.  Here are some lessons learned from that experience.

  • Not every baby is having fun at Disney.  Yes, our baby is easily entertained.  But he also is very little and gets hungry and sleepy and doesn't care when your Fast Pass for Space Mountain is.  There were tons of sad babies at Disney.  Sure, there were happy ones too.  But almost every five minutes we would see a sad or hot baby and say, boy I'm glad we didn't bring Nicky.
  • The baby won't forget you.  This was a huge concern of mine.  Maybe it was my crazy hormones, but I was genuinely concerned that our bond wasn't strong enough.  I was sure wrong!  He was happy while we were gone, staying with very loving grandparents, but when we saw him at the airport, he was just thrilled.  If anything, I think it reaffirmed in my mind the fact that we are bonded.
  • You are not a bad mom.  Just because you choose to leave your baby behind doesn't mean you're a bad mom.  Taking care of yourself and your marriage is very important..  You and your husband are his world, and if you aren't happy and healthy, he can't be either.  There are always moms trying to make other moms feel bad.  Don't.  (And try not to do it to other moms, mkay?)

Reunited and it feels so good!

Well, that's my two cents on traveling without a baby!  Thanks for reading and big thanks to Joy for letting me take over today! 

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  1. I hate when moms try to lay guilt on other moms. I'm glad you took a trip without the baby, so refreshing for you!


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