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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quick question... where did June go? Guess July was ready to make it's debut!

Friday evening, once the Mr got home from work, we cranked up the grill for some yummy grilled chicken, loaded down red potatoes, baked beans and homemade Jim N Nicks cheesy biscuits. I got the recipe from Stephanie over at Plain Chicken. And tomorrow you'll get to read all about my visit with Stephanie! Tune in, you won't want to miss it!

I had some of you ask what all was in our loaded down red potatoes. It's really simple... cut the red potatoes leaving the skin on, boil, then drain the water off of them, add a dollop or two of sour cream, some butter, and cheese. Mix together carefully not to mash the potatoes. Bake on 350° for 15-20 minutes and you'll have an amazing side dish that everyone in the family will love!

Saturday morning had us not wanting to really get up, but things had to be done. For breakfast we had leftover biscuits from the night before. They were the perfect treat for breakfast. The Mr had to run to work for a bit to help some customers, and while he was out, I grabbed the mail and found more birthday love in the mailbox. My sweet friend Jessica sent me a birthday happy. Around lunch time, the Mr showed up with my favorite, a Coke icee. My throat was hurting a bit and it was the perfect remedy. While the Mr was out cutting the grass, I found one of my daylily beauties blooming.

I made one of our favorite desserts, Husband's Delight, while the grill was heating up. We enjoyed some grilled burgers and homemade fries before diving into the dessert!

Sunday morning the Mr washed the vehicles and then came in and told me to get ready. We got on the road and headed to our local cinema. We decided to see The Heat and we LOVED it. The stadium seats were sooo comfy and we were one of eight people in the theater. #awesome Afterwards we went through the drive thru at DQ for some hot fudge sundaes. And I finally found the perfect place for our engagement collage pictures. After some afternoon naps we chowed down on some chicken spaghetti before watching some realty tv and heading off to bed. BTW, I'm loving BigBrother!! #BB15

How did you celebrate the last weekend of June 2013? Here's to July!!


  1. looks like a great weekend! I've never had Husband's Delight - you need to share the recipe!

  2. That is a great weekend....sounds yummy too :-) I know Terry loved that chicken spaghetti tonight :-)

    I have a request lady. Can you please do a post on how to make those green beans with bacon. I wanted to make them but forgot again. lol

  3. You seriously need a cooking show. It needs to be a new segment on Fox 6! I'm serious!

  4. Loved The Heat!! I took a friend to see it this weekend for her birthday!

    So glad that you've had a fantastic birthday :)

  5. Oh my gosh, my weakness is coke icee! They're sinfully good.
    I heard the Heat was hilarious - I'm definitely going to have to see it now!

  6. Great weekend!

    If it rains here on the Fourth, I might have an early morning movie date with myself to see The Heat!

  7. ... And now I want those potatoes. Note to self, don't ready Joy's blog before lunch =)

  8. You always have the best looking recipes!! I've never heard of the Husband's Delight, but it looks like something my hubs would like. BTW, I might just have to head to DQ tonight to get myself a hot fudge sundae now! :)


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