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Monday, June 10, 2013

It might not be officially the season of summer, but in Alabama trust me, SUMMER is HERE! It always seems that summer never lasts as long as it should, so I'm going to make a list of all the things we want to do this summer. And, we'll see if most of these can happen!

Visit with the crazy and fun cousins during Father's Day weekend...

Celebrate the Mr and Mrs's birthdays...

Enjoy time with family at the lake on July 4th...

Work to make our covered deck more decorative...

Grill and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible without dying of a heat stroke...

Watch as much summer TV as we possibly can...

Meet up with my blog girls at least twice before September...

Weekends by the pool...

Enjoy a stay-cation and visit new places around Bham...

Organize our "office" — right now it's organized chaos...

What's on your summer to do list?


  1. Great list!

    I posted mine a while ago and am off today so I should get on at least one thing!

  2. All those deserts on the 4th of July table...I die! They look amazing! We need to plan a blate soon! I miss my blogger friends!!

  3. All of those sound amazing! I think I'd have to put the office on my "top priority" list! haha I would LOVE to have another blate, I hate that I haven't been able to come since the first one, so YES, if we can plan another, that'd be awesome! :) Of course, you could always convince people to carpool with you down to Stark and we could do City Bagel or Strombolis! Think on that one lol.

  4. Shoot - I should make a list of my own! I have a HUGE list..including fit into bridesmaid dress before wedding.... eekks!

    I can't wait to see what you do with your deck. I definitely need some outdoor inspiration!

  5. Okay.. I've always wanted to try Strombolis!

  6. Gotta watch those Jersey Housewives and Dance Moms! lol

    That looks like a great summer you've got planned! And it's officially summer here's so hot already! How will I ever make it through August & September?!?!

  7. I love your list. We do need a blate soon. I am missing my girls. :(

  8. Girl those 4th of July desserts look YUMMO!!!! And we LOVE Oak Mountain. Justin frequently runs races out there. And they have a petting zoo that we take Carter too every so often. They have horseback riding, canoing, kayaking...anything outdoorsy that you can think of. And for the relaxer in us all, they have a beach where you can just layout and enjoy summer :)

  9. Your office looks like ours! :) That just means great minds think alike!!


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