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Friday, June 7, 2013

Who else is jumping for joy that today is FRIDAY? I'm so excited for the weekend to hang out with my husband, get a little cut and color on this overdue head of mine, and spend time outdoors! Sounds like a plan, right?!

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the Sowell life's Friday five...

1) {DVR} Since we were away on vacation last week, we've been playing catch up with the DVR. I think we are slowly getting back where we need to be to start watching live TV. And did y'all see that Dance Moms is back on with new episodes for the summer. #sweetness

2) {The CMT Awards} I might be one of the few who actually didn't watch the show. However, I did go back to see the highlights. And y'all I'm so sad to admit that I didn't know who half of those people were! Apparently, there are a lot of new artists. Maybe I should listen to country some, huh?

3) {Grocery Shopping} So let's just say that I haven't been to the grocery store in weeks. Seriously, almost a month. As of yesterday... we have a full pantry and a full refrigerator. And this might be the worst part, I went to Wal-mart AND Publix. And no I didn't have a death wish. =)

4) {McAlisters} It's no joke how much we love McAlisters Deli. But being at the beach last week... we didn't get our weekly fix. Well, we took care of that this week. And it was DE-LICIOUS! However, I didn't get one of the newest cups that had the last time. I mean, I'm trying to get at least a 4 piece set! =)

5) {Summer Flowers} I mentioned a while back that mom came and planted some day lilies in our yard. And the blooms are SOOOOO close to opening up. Don't worry... as soon as those babies show their true colors... I'll be showing them off! 

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  1. Little Big Town was AMAZING on the awards show! They did a Fleetwood Mac song & the hairs on my arms stood up the whole time!
    Hoping you have a good relaxing weekend!

  2. I'm not seeing the linky! Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Yay!!! Your pantry is stocked again! That will make cooking so much easier when you've got all of your ingredients :-)
    I hope you have an awesome weekend! Is MB still there?

  4. I was so excited to when I saw Dance Moms back on!
    90% of the time I listen to country, so I would definitely recommend it! :)
    Enjoy your weekend with the furbaby!

    PS - love the new linky!

  5. Trips to Wal-Mart always require bravery!

  6. Love Dance Moms! It's the one show I always make time to see!

  7. I'm sad to say I couldn't link up today- no internet! next week.

    I LOVE stocking up on groceries after some time away. Is that weird? :)

    McAllisters is delicious and I don't get there enough!

    Looking forward to seeing the day lilies- they're my favorite!


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