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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A little over eight months ago, the Mr and I decided to deactivate our Facebook accounts. To sum up our reasoning... we were sick of all the drama we were reading. Sick. Of. It. And, it really wasn't that hard to say goodbye, so we did.

While talking to some sweet Texas ladies a few weeks ago, they mentioned how much they missed being a part of our lives because I never posted my blogs on there anymore, and never shared any little glimpse into our lives. Little did they know, we just weren't on Facebook anymore.

Today while the Mr and I were having lunch, I mentioned maybe reactivating my account. It's true, I've missed connecting with friends over the past eight months. We both talked about the pros and the cons, and decided that we would both share the same account. It's no lie that I love twitter, and instagram, and they will still be my gotos. But I will post our blog posts on our Facebook page, and maybe upload a picture or two from time to time.

Coming back from a long hiatus can be a little extreme. You know, people are going to have questions about where you've been, and what you've been up to. So after updating our profile picture I posted this status...

8 months ago, Terry and I decided to say goodbye to this part of social media. While we hated to loose the connection we had with our friends, we very much enjoyed the break. Most of you we have reconnected with through twitter and instagram. However, the biggest complaint we've heard from y'all since we left Facebook is that y'all had no clue what was happening in our life. So, he and I both will share this account, together. It's true, a lot has happened in our life since October. We found out the middle of October that we were pregnant, and then faced a painful miscarriage right after Thanksgiving. Through it all, God continues to bless us. We're happy to be back, and look forward to reconnecting with you.

I also changed our cover photo...

Most of the comments and messages have all been... "I thought you unfriended me." No, there wasn't any "unfriending" going on, and for the most part, some people maybe didn't even notice we weren't there anymore. Regardless, today we said yes to what use to be our morning news... Facebook. While I don't see us reading through the news feed every chance we get, we will enjoy reconnecting with some of our long lost friends.


  1. I've gone back and forth a few times and decided that taking the app off my phone was the best choice. This way I can log on when I actually pull out my computer. I'm not constantly bombarded with annoying posts and I'm saving my phone's battery!

  2. I laughed. I'm sorry... I thought you unfriended me! Hahaha! Awesome.


  3. I'm always on the fence about deactivating my acct. Seems like it does more harm than good. But I can't... look... away...

    Welcome back!

  4. I would gladly deactivate Facebook if it wasn't my only way to keep in touch with some people. I don't blame you at all! And I am sorry about the miscarriage.

  5. I've never thought about deactivating my account. If I don't feel like reading it or updating it, I don't. If I do, I do. Some days I just don't have the patience for it. Other days I scroll through it all day!


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