OH Back to School...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

You can't tell me that you didn't cringe at those words. And if you're like me, you just broke out in Adam Sandler's Back to School song from Billy Madison. No matter if you have kids in school, or if you yourself are still in school.... those words seem to sting a little.

And while the thought of going back to school with those early morning routines, and late nights of homework doesn't sound like any fun — shopping for school supplies ranks right up there with Christmas!!

When I was a small kid heading off to grade school all the way to current day... I love(d) school/office supplies. And boy have they come a long way since 1986 (yes, that's when I started kindergarten).

It started out in the early years of school with getting a Strawberry Shortcake backpack and the matching lunchbox. I'd probably need to watch cartoons to know what's popular these days. And then you get to middle school and it was all about the trapper keepers, text book covers and don't forget those Jansport book bags. Then in high school you don't buy any supplies until you've been in school for a week. You say no to the book bag (cause you have a locker you know) and you opt for the college ruled notebooks because you'd do anything to be outta high school and in college. And don't forget there isn't any need for pencil sharpeners. Remember those pens that had erasers? I wonder if they still have those.

Once you start college you grab your book bag again because you're trekking all over the campus from class to class, and you realize that no one really cares if you show up to class or not because if you don't, it's all on you. You wish you were in high school again because they supplied your text books where you didn't have to purchase expensive books that you'll probably never use again. But then again college still seems so much better than high school, right?

But like I said, I'll always love school/office supplies. I have my favorite pens, highlighters, sticky notes, notebooks, and of course everything is in cool colors these days, too. A favorite of mine is my planner. I haven't branched out to pay an arm and a leg for an Erin Condren planner, yet... but I'm hoping to broaden my planner horizons, soon.

What is your favorite school/office supply? While out shopping this week I heard many little ones asking for this and that as I passed the school supply section. I wonder what the hot item will be this year?


  1. I loved picking out pens! I had to have newest most bestest pens out of anyone in my classes. Pink gel pens? Don't mind if I do. And highlighters. I was the queen of highlight...everything! Highlighters with little page flag sticker holders on them? I might have a few :)

  2. I loooooooove school supplies! Colored pens are my favorite. I love seeing all the newest trendiest doodads my kids bring to class.

  3. Hey girlie!! How I've missed your blog!

    Ahh you just broke my summer rule. Dont even think about school till the very last minute! hahah

    I'm a nursing student so I'm not done with the whole shopping for supply ordeal but that really is the only part I enjoy of the whole going back to school stuff! But it's not nearly as much fun as it used to be when I was a youngone!


  4. Definitely singing the song in my head.

    I LOVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES. I loved getting my trapper keeper and back pack. I love mechanical pencils and sharpie pens.

  5. I saw a light-up My Little Pony backpack and I was DYING to buy it for my niece who is starting Kindergarten but her mom said she already has a backpack. Sad. I saw an ad for Pilot G2s that are chevron printed on the outside so I think I need them.

    And to be honest? I'm not loving my EC planner...

  6. I was OBSESSED with school supplies. That shopping trip to Wal-Mart the week before school was what I looked forward to all summer. It's probably the reason I am such an organized person. Never met a highlighter or planner this chick didn't love :)

  7. I loved (and still do) pens with erasers!!
    I loved getting new pencil holders & trapper keepers :)

    This year, Kenlee wants anything with dogs on it & Logan saw a Mossy Oak camo binder that he likes :)

  8. I love school supplies! I love that I will always have back to school shopping too :-) Pens and pencils are big deals for me; I'm a pen snob, but I love the old school pencils you've got to sharpen. (weird that I think about this stuff lol)

  9. I'm about to freak to get my 4 years old supply list! I can't wait to buy that kind of stuff. I'm a dork, I know! haha I always loved getting the pretty new binders and perfect crayons when I was growing up!

  10. I have always loved getting school supplies! I have no idea why, but you can never have enough school supplies!!!

  11. They do still have those pens because I actually was given some last week! :)

    I LOVE school supplies!

  12. I am SOOOOOOOO behind on my blog reading. Please forgive me. But back-to-school supply shopping was one of my favorite things to do growing up. I know, I'm a nerd. My mom would take Brie and I to Clover (remember Clover? Or is that a NE thing?) and we would spend hours oooohing and aaaaahing all the new stuff. My favorite thing was picking my Trapper Keeper. Now my thing is pens. I LOVE pens!


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