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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It took a few years for me to say goodbye to my blackberry, but it happened January 2011. That was the day I entered the iPhone family, and I haven't looked back since.

I'll admit that it took some getting use to, but one of my favorite things about having an iPhone is — the apps.

I'm linking up with our Alabama Women Bloggers site to tell y'all about my favorite apps. Some I can live with, and some I can't live without.


So let's get started. I'm going to tell you about the apps that I use the most. Some of these you probably already use, but just in case there is that slight chance that you don't... I feel like it's my job to make sure you do! Ha!

Instagram... this is my favorite photography app. I love that I can follow and see friends and other blogger's photos, and there's just something about a perfectly squared picture with or without filters.

Twitter/Facebook... my social media apps. Out of the two, I probably use twitter more.

Pandora... it's my music app choice. I LOVE music, and I can take it any and everywhere with me. Plus, I can customize my station and the songs I hear. The thumbs down button is my favorite!

Dish... you know how much we love reality tv in the Sowell house, and the thought of missing one is not okay. Having Dish on my phone allows me to record something coming up, and I can even watch the shows I have recorded on our DVR right from my phone.

Southwest... we don't fly much, but it's nice to have it when we do. The gate changes, times, etc is always updated on the app and it makes everything so much easier when we get to the airport.

P Tracker... ladies... it's a must! No more marking your calendars for the world to see... and it has many other things you can keep track off. Makes for the perfect app, ladies.

Amazon... it's no secret how much I love shopping through amazon, and this app makes it so easy. It might be my favorite shopping app out there.

Goodreads... hello, if you don't have this one and you are a big reader.... GET IT. I love it because I can keep up with what I've read, and I can see what my "friends" are reading and their comments about that book.

Where... if you travel, this app is great for helping you find gas stations, restaurants, and shopping in towns you aren't familiar with.

White Pages... if I didn't include this one, my husband might not forgive me. He swears by this app... no joke. Need an address or a phone number... this the app we use. It hasn't failed us yet.

What are your favorite apps? I'm looking forward to reading all the ladies' post who link up so I can hopefully tine out some apps that just might need in my life. Y'all can head over and read them, too!


  1. I love most of those though I haven't used all of them. Spencer asked me the other day what I possibly do on my phone- because once nick goes to sleep I am on there a lot. :) Here's tr answer- apps!

  2. Man I'll just reblog your list! :) I don't really need P Tracker now that I'm done with kids but when we were trying for our little man, I used that thing all the time! It was one of my first "My iPhone can do WHAT?!" Apps!

  3. Love your post on your apps! I use most of those on a daily basis. I am aiming to to share my favorite one today.

  4. White pages has an app! What!! I'm getting it now!

  5. Just downloaded the White Pages app!! I'm sure it will really come in handy!! : )

  6. I forgot all about Goodreads. I love it! I need to get the White Pages app, too.

  7. I've never heard of P Tracker but you just sold me on it. This is such a great linkup!

  8. I didn't know about Where...maybe I need to download that! Around me is so yesterday and has failed me several times!

  9. P tracker has been a life saver for my sanity!


  11. I forgot about Goodreads and Southwest!

  12. Great apps! I use most of these, but will have to add the White Pages! I use the website all the time and never thought about the app! Hope you are doing well!

  13. I will completely embarrass myself. I have 5 different "P" tracking apps on my phone!! It's amazing the different information you can get!

    I have never heard of Where. I need to download that one!

  14. I didn't know White Pages had an app! I'll have to get it!

  15. I was going to put P Tracker on mine, but I was too chicken! haha Love it!!


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