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Friday, July 5, 2013

I know, I know I'm late posting the #fridayfive — but, I've got a good reason. We were out late last night with our #4thofJuly celebration at the lake (which I'll have a full recap later) and we just rolled outta bed. #sorrynotsorry

the Sowell life

the Sowell life's Friday five...

1) {Relaxation} I got to enjoy a very relaxing massage with my girl, Nancy, at the beginning of the week. It was for my birthday, and while she can work wonders with knots, I also always enjoy our conversations. If you are in the Bham area and are looking for a wonderful massage, send her a message. Btw, she's also one of my blog friends, and a member of the #alwomenbloggers! Whoop Whoop!

2) {I've been on a recipe kick lately} and you're benefitting from it. Last week I baked Banana cookies, and then made our favorite dessert, Husband's Delight. If you missed any of these recipes, head over and check them out. Pin them, and make them... your family will thank you!

3) {4th of July Baking Round 1} Our 4th of July morning was a busy one. We spent the afternoon and evening with our extended family at the lake. But before we could go, I had desserts to make. The first one was red, white and blue cupcakes. I'll have the recipe for y'all next week, but let's just say... this were fun to make and we came home with an empty plate!

4) {4th of July Baking Round 2} After the cupcakes were finished baking and cooling. I started on my 2nd dessert for our celebration — red, white and blue cookies. Let's just say these included 2 boxes of Jello mix, and these were gone before we even had dinner at the lake. And, as you guessed... I'll have this recipe for you, soon. The best part is you can make these cookies any color! Perfect for any celebration!!

5) {Happy Birthday A M E R I C A} We didn't let a little ran stop us from celebrating our Independence Day. And, this might be the first time in history that we enjoyed the day not sweating. I honestly don't even believe it made it to 75 yesterday. It was very pleasant, and we loved seeing our family and spending time with them. Sorry mother nature, you can't stop us! I'll have a full recap of this great day very soon!

Now, who's ready to link up?!! Thanks for stopping by, linking up, sharing the link up on your blog and on twitter! I appreciate y'all spreading the word more than you'll ever know!! Enjoy your weekend, y'all! 


  1. Yea for the massage! Always a great way to start off a week!

    I've made Jello cookies before, I can't wait to see if they are the same.

    So glad the rain held off yesterday for y'all, and you had a nice cool evening! :) ANd a very cool family picture...sometimes it sucks being the photographer!!

  2. I LOVE theme food! So so cute! And duh, I love linking up! Have a great weekend!

  3. Goodness, you're making me hungry!

  4. I'm glad you had a great fourth! It was only about 85 here. Awesome! Better than 106 like last year ha

  5. Look at you on a cooking trip! :)


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