Friday Five — link up #31

Friday, August 2, 2013

August... this can only mean one thing — fall is getting near!

the Sowell life

the Sowell life's Friday five...

1) {Travel Buddy} Monday, the Mr and I made our way back home to Alabama from our little mountain getaway. But, it wasn't just us in the vehicle... we had little MB to keep us company. She was a great little traveler. We even stopped half way for everyone to take a potty break... even her. And while we had a little snack, she had turkey and water for her snack before getting back on the road. This is how she rode most of the way home, sleeping in her seat...

2) {Our 4 legged guest} She's been the boss of the house this week. And she definitely knows how to get your attention. But we've loved every minute of her being here this week. And by the looks of the photos below, you'd think it's winter time here in Alabama. This girl loves blankets.

3) {Burgers in Bham} This week I've been to two different restaurants and had burgers. They both were unique in their own ways, and delicious. Don't worry, I'll have a couple of Birmingham Eats features coming soon to tell you where you can enjoy these amazing burgers.

4) {The Mr's Cooking} I love it when the Mr handles dinner, especially when he takes care of it all. Steak and baked potato... he makes the best.

5) {Smoky Mountain Recap} This week I've showed and told y'all all about our recent trip to the Smoky Mountains. In case you missed any of those posts you can read about our cabin and adventures here, see the views we enjoyed here, and find out what we ate here.

Now, who's ready to link up?!! Thanks for stopping by, linking up, sharing the link up on your blog and on twitter! I appreciate y'all spreading the word more than you'll ever know!! Enjoy your weekend, y'all! 


  1. Now I want steak! My boys love sitting on top of pillows.

  2. Have you gone to Flip Burger yet? I have been in Atlanta and I love it. You said Birmingham and burgers and that's immediately what I thought of. Have a great weekend!

  3. Steak and potatoes are STeve's specialty, too!


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