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Friday, August 30, 2013

To tell you how excited I am for college football to finally be here... well, I can't describe it without squealing! #hailstate

the Sowell life

the Sowell life's Friday five... Football Edition — what I love about my team!

1) {Our Spirit} When you walk on the campus of Mississippi State in Starkville, your heart starts to race a little. It's the energy of all the fans walking through the tailgates, the chants from all the fans to the opposing team and the smiles knowing you're at your favorite place on earth. And seeing your favorite MSU fans and catching up every season makes it even better!

2) {Our Cheers and Chants} You'll hear us screaming MAROOOOOON — WHIIIIIIIIIIITE, GO DAWGS, singing Hail Dear Ole State, and of course, Who Let the Dawgs Out. And who doesn't love to hear a COWBELL ringing!!!!!

3) {Our Coach} We love our coach. His faith in our team makes us all believe. And he truly does care about his team, his school and his fans. We're so proud to have him!

4) {The Rivalry} While I love being in the SEC and always want the SEC to dominate, there is also that rivalry of our teams to the north and east of us. Those games probably mean more to us that any other game, and no matter the outcome we're still proud of the effort of our boys. 

5) {True Fans} I've always been a MSU fan. Always will be, too. And we've seen some good seasons, and some really bad ones. But we love our team no matter what! Our fans are fans for life, win or lose we always support our team.


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I'm also linking up with Beth today for Football Friday! 
Love You Muches


  1. Oh, this post made me wish we had a home game this weekend! My post for next week is going to highlight the best 5 things about Starkville and my Bulldogs! I can't wait to be in Starkville and tailgating in the Junction with 10,000 plus of my closest friends!

  2. Okay, as someone who went to a commuter school and has never really had a college football experience, this is like reading about another planet! You guys sure have fun, but the thought of it overwhelms me! So since, I have no allegiances, Hail State, right??

  3. I love that last photo of you guys!

    I did not have this college football experience, but my friends who went to Penn State did. It sounds amazing!

  4. I hate football... but those pictures are great! Super cute couple!

  5. So so excited! Feeling pretty special to have made the blog! Ha!

  6. Haha we did similar posts today! Great minds think alike I guess!!! Happy opening weekend of College Football!

  7. Cute photos, I just love your school pride! I truly believe SEC fans are the most dedicated fans out there. My husband went to South Carolina, so by default I've become a Gamecock fan. Even though we've lived in KS and now TX, his devotion to USC & the SEC is unwavering!

  8. I love that last picture of you and Terry! It is such a great picture of y'all!

  9. I enjoyed reading about your Mississippi State bulldogs, and these photos are great. Thanks so much for linking up with me! - Beth


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