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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Being a blogger, you tend to put yourself out there letting your opinions known. We know not everyone shares the same opinions we might have, but most of us are fortunate to not experience the negativity that other bloggers sometimes get. That's not to say that we don't have the occasional negative comment, but most of us are blessed with sweet commenters.

Now that I'm back on Facebook, I'll see videos that have been posted by friends or pages that I've liked. One most recently that I watched (and loved) was that of sweet little Ella singing to Elvis. Good Morning America reposted it yesterday on Facebook, and I saw first hand how awful some people can be with their comments. This little girl has done nothing to any of these people, and the harsh comments about her "so called singing" just broke my heart. How could you not love this...

Then earlier this morning, a UPS cargo plan crashed just before reaching the Birmingham Airport. Please keep in mind that this is close to the area we live in. Unfortunately, both the pilot and co-poliot lost their lives in this accident. And while my thoughts have been around the families of these victims and the emergency responders who are working the scene, I've read so many disturbing comments on twitter and Facebook... "hope my package wasn't on the plane" — really? That's your biggest concern? And already placing the blame on the airport tower, etc. There have been no reports of what actually happened, and there probably won't be for quite a while. Why point fingers at others before any evidence has been shared?

I'm just not sure why people have to have these negative comments. Even if you are thinking it, should you post it? I mean you are consciously typing it out, and then have to hit enter for it to post.

I'll be honest, I think a lot of it is for attention. And I truly feel that some of these negative commenters have nothing better to do all day, and just look for ways they can leave their mark with negativity.  

I've been having to bite my tongue, or actually hold my fingers back from typing a comment right back to them. I'm not going to bring myself down to their level. The only thing we can do is pray for them to have a change of heart. And hopefully they will remember that it's not always about them.

How do you handle negative comments on your blog, twitter or Facebook?


  1. It's like people think that having a keyboard in between them means they have an excuse to be rude and inconsiderate. Nothing makes me as irrationally infuriated as fast as someone being unnecessarily rude.

  2. I wrote about this very topic a few weeks ago when people "hope I got carjacked" in response to my stick figure picture. It boggles my mind how people can be so cruel. Can I be bitchy and snarky? Of course, I'm a woman, it's in my genes. But I will never understand how people hide behind their computer screens and feel the need to be so harsh.

    I responded to the commenters who wrote I deserved to be carjacked and I'm what's wrong with America (no of them knowing I can't have children due to my illness,) and not one person responded. Cowards.

    I actually thought of you this morning when I saw about the crash on the Today Show. I'm glad you and The Mr are safe.

  3. That is crazy! I admit, I have been tempted to leave a negative comment because in my head it was "constructive criticism" (truly, I promise) but then I thought about how it might make that blogger feel... it might ruin their day or come across as really bitchy, so I didn't. They got unfollowed and whether they even noticed or not was on them. We ALL think snarky things sometimes but you are absolutely right - having an opinion and voicing it are completely different!

  4. Facebook and Twitter can really bring out the worst in people. I find that I just bite my tounge more often then less. People who write those things will argue with you until the end of time to prove their point- and its not worth it to me personally. Luckily, there are still many of us who have better things to do instead of complaining and spewing hate. We just don't feel the need to announce it all the time on social media. I'm thankful for people like us :-).

  5. Those mean commenters will have an "ah ha" moment & realize that what you put out there, really does come right back to you with the law of attraction.
    I am extremely sad about this plane crash having been a part of my mother-in-law's UPS store. Those drivers & pilots work their butts off to get things to where they need to be and from what I have seen, they were true hero's the way they landed not hitting homes. God bless their families!

  6. This right here is a HUGE reason I hate Facebook. I do see it other places, but mostly Facebook. They hide behind their computers - think they are cool. They are idiots. It's so hurtful. They end up creating a war of words. I just ignore it and move on. Keeping most comments to myself. PS - the little girl is adorable.

  7. It's hard, but you really do have to ignore the negative comments. I used to get very fired up during certain of which being the biblical perspective on gay marriage. I learned that most people that comment on forums and pictures and videos like that are looking to get someone fired up. Don't play into the drama they're trying to rise up. It's better to just "turn the other cheek" and pray that they will soon see the error in their ways. I saw that video of that little girl and I thought it was HILARIOUS!!!!! I have no idea what negative comment anyone could possibly say about that and I have zero desire to go look and see because I know I'll just get fired up again.

  8. I think some people have a need to show the world that they have balls by posting things and saying they don't care they're just being real.

    I'm a person who keeps it real, but that doesn't mean I go about my life in an insensitive manner. Sometimes you need to say something, but oftentimes you don't.

  9. Haters are going to hate. It makes me so mad to see all the negativity. I think they are attention seeking and believe they can get more by being negative. I very rarely read any comments on videos or anything that I see for that very reason. I don't need them bringing me down. Being real is one thing. Being authentic to yourself is another. Great post!


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