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Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm having one of those days where there are random thoughts going through my mind. And where I have random thoughts I'd like to share... if you can hang through this list and thought process, you're golden.

• We've been watching The Bachelorette this summer, and tonight is the season finale. If you watched last week's episode — Brooks told her he didn't love her and took himself out of the running. Then she proclaims her love for him, and basically has a mental breakdown. My question is this... if she does pick a guy tonight and they get engaged... when he finally watches last weeks episode where Brooks leaves and she loses it, what should he think? If it were me, I'd feel like I was second best to her. And could or would you ever want to feel like second best to your future wife or husband? Of course we will be watching tonight to see what happens, but that's just some food for thought after watching this season.

• Big Brother 15... oh Big Brother cast members. You've watched the show before, or so you all claim to be huge fans — but this season is crazy. It's called a game, and you play it like a game. Since when do cast members start yelling and screaming at each other because they didn't vote for someone, etc. And in previous seasons, the votes were always close, not house bullying voting where it's 7-0. Yet, we seem to be sucked in to the drama (like always). I was a huge fan of Helen's earlier in the game, but now I'm ready for Helen, Amanda and Andy to leave the game. If you watch Big Brother, you understand this random thought.

• If you read our blog regularly,  you probably saw that we made a big switch this past weekend. Before we left the house, we had a small brunch and weren't hungry before leaving so we didn't eat. Once we got back to the house it was in the afternoon. And a Walmart trip was lurking around the corner. We started to leave and remembered that we didn't have anything for lunch, and realized we were getting kinda hungry. We have a DQ across from our local Walmart so we cruised through the drive thru and ordered a cheeseburger for both of us to share so we weren't starving while grocery shopping. (Because everyone knows you NEVER go grocery shopping hungry.) Basically we downed that burger in 5 seconds flat. We made it through Walmart without to much binge shopping, and made the decision to go back through the drive thru at DQ for dinner. Ha! I'm not sure if the guy remembered us when we paid, but we couldn't stop thinking about that burger going through the isles in Walmart so we got our fix.

• Mellow Yellow reminiscing... Most of you know we've been caffeine free in the house for quite a while now. My drink choice — caffeine free diet pepsi. His drink choice — caffeine free coke. We also have an endless amount of caffeine free sweet tea. But for some reason, the Mr and I both were thinking about and wanting a cold can of Mellow Yellow last night. We probably haven't had one since high school or college, but we could still remember the taste. We might decide to get our fix one day soon. I guess they still sell it. Ha!

• Fall. I'm ready for Fall! Really, I'm ready for football, pumpkins, mums, Halloween candy (ha!) soups, falling leaves and cooler temps. Do you remember the smell in the air during Fall? I do, and I'm extremely ready for it to be here. I haven't been in or near a Target or Hobby Lobby lately, but I have a feeling they already have Fall decor out, and who knows... maybe even Christmas stuff. (Gasp!) But let me make this clear, I'm NOT ready for Christmas, yet.

• Shark Week... there might be two or three more out there like me who doesn't watch shark week. I just don't get it. Maybe if I actually watched it, I'd see what all the fuss is about, but I just can't bring myself to do it. The commercial alone with the seal turned me off. What am I missing?
Okay... that's enough randomness to throw at you for one day. It's Monday, y'all. Enjoy your day!


  1. I am ready for Fall too! I can't wait for football and cooler temps. It is almost here!!

    LOVE Shark Week - you need to watch!

  2. I am SO ready for fall! Nothing like spending all day Saturday watching football games and eating yummies. Plus I am ready to buy all the pumpkin and leaves candles at Bath and Body Works!

    I don't watch shark week either.

  3. No shark week for me either! I'm too big of a wimp.

    Oh, and I can't help but think that either she doesn't pick anyone or that Brooks will come back.

  4. Caffeine free?! You must get loads of sleep and have nerves of steel. I don't know how you do it! And Shark Week... ehhh.. I'll flip it on if there's nothing else on but I don't get the hype, either!

  5. Yeah, I don't really get Shark Week either. I think they're amazing animals but the carnage is too much for me.

  6. Mellow Yellow is still out there! Ha. I, also, don't understand all the hype about Shark week. Reality Steve is certain that Dez will pick Brooks tonight. Going to watch and see. :)

  7. YES! The Bachelorette finale should be interesting tonight.

    I was just telling someone that I will NOT let myself watch shark week because I really love the ocean and am currently not super scared of sharks. I'm afraid if I watch it that I'll never want to get in the water again! (I've never seen Jaws for the same reason!)

  8. Ok.. so I do not like The Bachelorette - doesn't matter who she picks they won't get married.

    BB - GIRL! I am with you. What in the world. This season has a bunch of idiots. Super fans my butt. Someone be bold. Make your own decision!!!!

    What is Mellow Yellow?

    I am with you on Shark Week. Don't get it. Reminds me of the bacon obsession. Don't get that either.

  9. I'm kinda ready for Fall too! I'm ready for Football mostly!

  10. I am totally ready for fall. I'm always ready for fall though. :)

  11. Hey friend! I have finally got back to reading some blogs! I've missed reading yours!

    I have been watching The Bachelorette too! I was so confused last week by what Brooks was telling her. I haven't really liked him from the beginning. I just thought something was off about him. I thought the same thing too... If she were to get engaged to one of the other guys how would they feel after watching the show last week! But I have to say I am pretty happy with the outcome! That proposal tonight had to be the best proposal in Bachelor/Bachelorette history! It was amazing and I can tell that her and Chris really love each other! I know that she loved Brooks but I think it was a different kind of love! Not the great love she has with Chris!

    I used to drink Mellow Yellow all the time in high school! But I haven't had one in YEARS! Now I am craving one! =)

    I am also ready for Fall! It is my favorite season! I almost got out my Fall decorations this past weekend... But it's still just a little early. Not to mention way too HOT!!!

    I don't watch Shark Week either. I don't understand why people get so excited about it? And that commercial with the seal hurts my heart... I turn it when I see it coming on!

    Am I golden since I made it through the list? HAHA!

  12. I am so ready for fall too!!! I'm ready to go pumpkin ca-ra-zay!

  13. I am with you on BB! I liked Helen at the beginning then when she won HOH she got a little crazy!! I am ready for some big moves...double eviction this week!!

  14. Ok, the whole caffeine free bit made me tear up a little. I cant even imagine.

    I dont watch shark week. Not cause im scared, just not into it. I don't really get the big deal.


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