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Sunday, August 4, 2013

It took us a few months to finally decide to make the switch, but we finally did it — we're now Verizon customers.

The Mr had been a customer of AT&T for over 22 years, and since 1999... I've been one, too. We both started out with the bag phones, and finally got our first flip phones and of course who can forget the Nokia. Next was the Razor, the Blackberry and then our favorite of them all... the iPhone.

We've been paying over $200 a month for our cell phone service with data plans. Which we thought was a complete rip off. So we started browsing around to see what other companies were offering and found that Verizon would be saving us around $50 every month on our bill. Not to mention that the Mr's work phone (which is Verizon) was the only phone service we had in the mountains.

Saturday, we decided to head to our local dealer and see what they could offer us. Well, we apparently decided to switch at the right time. We've both had our iPhone 4s for over 2 years, and they were in such great condition that they gave us a rebate for our old phones and we upgraded to iPhone 5s for free.

We love that iCloud makes switching to another iPhone pretty easy. It brings your contacts, apps and email with you to your new iPhone. However, we did have one slightly major problem. If you remember, I told y'all we've gotten on the Candy Crush bandwagon, and well, when we downloaded the app again... it started OVER! I think the Mr was pretty crushed. Ha!

We've spent most of the weekend setting up our folders on our phones and getting them back in order the way we had them with our iPhone 4s. And we've been playing Candy Crush trying to get back to where we were before.

Are you a Verizon customer? How is the service where you are? We're hoping we made the right choice to switch, and so far... we're happy with our decision.


  1. I have thought about switching too!! Can you keep your same number?

  2. Chris has threatened to switch us several times...but I have unlimited data and therefore AT&T has me hooked forever...or if they got rid of it. AT&T is the superior service in Atlanta and some other cities...but I agree with you about Verizon being better service in Birmingham or areas that are very rural.

  3. I love Verizon! I found I got much better service from my phone on our vactions than my husband's AT&T phone. So, last fall, he switched over to Verizon with me and we are saving about $50/ month too!! And their tech guys are great too!

  4. We're Verizon customers. You can't beat the price.


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