Why wish for Friday everyday...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My blog friend Lauren issued a challenge yesterday about doing a blog post about why Monday — Thursday can be just as good as Friday. And, why we shouldn't beg and wish for Friday, everyday.

So today, I'm taking that challenge. #weekdayawareness

Even though I'm not working, I can still be heard saying "when's the weekend gonna be here?" or "is Friday here yet?" But I think one of the main reasons for my wishful thinking is so I will have more time with my husband. He works hard for us, which usually means longer hours during the week than his 7-4 week day job. And anytime I have with him makes me very happy. I miss him during the day while he's gone. And I love our time together.

But there is also much to love about the week being at home.

Laundry — it's so nice to have time during the week to do the laundry. Nothing makes the weekend more draining than piles of dirty laundry. I try to make sure all of our laundry is done before Friday so we can enjoy doing other things during the weekend.

Food Prep — While I haven't been doing much cooking in the kitchen, when I get the urge — I can have dinner waiting for the Mr when he walks through the door. And if I don't have all the ingredients I need to make dinner, it's pretty easy to run to the store and there is usually no lines. #score

Shopping — I'm not a shopper of really anything, but groceries. And having the week to plan a day to run to the grocery store while isn't during the weekend makes me smile.

Cleaning — there is always something to clean. Even though I hate cleaning, it helps to have time during the week so you don't waste your time cleaning during the weekend.

So stop thinking of the weekend like this...

What is it about Monday — Thursday that makes you thankful it's not Friday?


  1. I have felt really great knowing the kids are having a great time at school, being social, while I have lots of time at work & able to get things done without dragging them around with me. That's what I love about the middle of the week right now. :)

  2. I love getting my house totally cleaned Thursday night so I'm only doing little things on the weekend. I like to grocery shop on the way home Friday too!

  3. I love the week days as Bird is at school. Quit time. Which means I can get stuff done A LOT faster around the house - I get to enjoy her more at home and not continue to clean!!

  4. I didn't know you were no longer working - I guess I missed when you posted that! I know you are enjoying being home to eat lunch with the Mr. (as you say :) ). Well, this is a pretty time of the year to be off, weather will be turning nice soon and you can set your own time schedule - enjoy it while you can!!!


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