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Monday, September 16, 2013

We didn't get to attend any of the Mississippi State games last season, and when the chance arose for us to attend last Saturday's game in Auburn... we didn't think twice about saying yes. Every MSU game I've attended has either been at our stadium in Starkville or has been at a bowl game where our fans are all around us. Saturday, was a little different for us.

Saturday around lunch we headed out the door to our destination at Auburn. A first for the Mr and I. We have family that attend Auburn and have a house a mile from the campus. When I told them we would be coming down for the game, they invited us over to the house for a little pre game warm up — otherwise known as food, food and more food. Susan cooked some yummy chicken fingers and fries, and had rotel, chips, and vegetables and fruit to munch on, too. She has two kids who attend the university so we got to hang out with the "cool kids" before they were on their way to the stadium. We loved getting to enjoy conversations with Susan and Pam, and even caught most of the Alabama/A&M game.

After a great visit, we decided to leave around 5:30 to head to our parking lot and make our way to the stadium. (By the way, having a parking pass is the only way we were able to leave so late and still make it to the game on time.)

Once we started walking to the stadium, a guy in a golf cart asked if we needed a ride in. Hello, this pregnant girl couldn't say no to that. He was very talkative and we found out his sister went to school at USM, and he was dating a girl from State. He drove us right to our entrance and we were very grateful.

Our seats were in section 107 (the nose bleed section is what we call it) and we knew I would tire out pretty quickly from climbing all the way up. So we took the elevators. And in no time we were up at the top headed to our seats. T made sure I held onto the rails as we climbed a few more steps to our row. And looking up, I saw two other people in maroon and white, and they weren't sitting anywhere near us.

Two minutes of the game were already played once we sat down, and the Auburn fans were going crazy because they had already scored with a field goal. It was obvious we were the minority when everyone else is up cheering and we were the only ones sitting and not saying a word. However, we got the ball and my mouth opened up. No, I don't trash talk, but I do cheer our boys on and will scream "what were you thinking" a thousand times when they mess up! But when that first touchdown was made, I was the only one standing and screaming. It was priceless. Of course, the Mr told me to sit back down and try to stay calm. But how do you do that at a game? So when the second touchdown was scored, I had my hand on the Mr's back and I just started hitting his back over and over again. I'm pretty sure I left a mark. (Hey, he said not to jump up again!)

Yeah, I have a pretty good zoom on my camera.

Sitting with the Auburn fans, I'm not sure what I was expecting. However, even though the guy behind T was VERY vocal and there was no filter on what was coming out of his mouth, he was still nice to us. He spilt his girlfriend's coke and it started running down the back of my seat and was getting the back of my jeans and my feet wet. He went to get napkins and offered to clean it up, but it wasn't necessary. And we thanked him for offering. The girl I sat next to told me a little about their stadium, and T was even offered a swig of whiskey from the guy in front of me. Which he respectfully turned down. We were pleasantly surprised at how nice we were treated at the game. So we give two thumbs up on Auburn's hospitality.

We left at halftime because we decided before we left the house that we knew I would be getting tired, and sometimes grumpy. And I'm sure the Auburn fans we were sitting around were happy to see us (or me, rather) go. I was hoarse when we left the game from all of my cheering and screaming.

On the way home, we found the game on XM and thought we were doing pretty good until the last 4 minutes of the game. But, I think it was a good game. The way we see it, if we would have made that field goal and not have gone for two after the first touchdown... we could have easily been in overtime with the Tigers. But, there's always next year, right? #hailstate


  1. So glad y'all had a blast! And amazing zoom on the camera! :) And how cool to have family close! :) Happy Monday lady!

  2. Happy to hear you had a good time. We were there, as well. I am still kind of hoarse from screaming! =)

  3. I watched your game and couldn't believe the ending!

  4. Amazing zoom girl. Yeah I decided not to go because good temptation I'm so close to my first goal. :) I am going to have go to at least one since I have a few friends down there and my sister is down there too. Miss you.

  5. I'm sorry you had a bad experience at the ball game.Usually our fans are very polite to fans of the opposing teams.


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