Thursday, September 26, 2013

Naming your baby is a huge undertaking because your child will have that name for a lifetime. And no one wants to name their child a name that he or she will grow up to regret. But you also are not only thinking about their name, but also the spelling of their name.

We're pretty lucky because we have already decided on our boy and girl name. They are family names and we feel pretty good about them. Of course, we know that when we announce the name we are likely to have one or two people say something about our decision. That's life I guess, but it's not like anything that is said will make us change our minds about the name.

The spelling of a name. Who is to say which way is right or wrong? Our baby names aren't names that you can really do much changing of the spelling. But, so many of the baby names I'm seeing are basically the same name, just spelled differently. And the beauty of it is, it's the parent's right to do so.

I remember being the editor of 393 Magazine and going to all the events and taking photos. Right after I took the photos, I would have to ask for their names. And boy, I realized quickly that there are many ways to spell a lot of different names. I finally got to where when they would tell me their name I would ask for the spelling as well, you know, just to make sure. Here are a few that I remember...

Sara — Sarah
Teresa — Theresa
Claire — Clare
Melissa — Mellissa
Holly — Hollie
Crystal — Krystal
Sherry — Sherie
Betty — Bettye
Robin — Robyn
Addison — Addyson
Shawn — Shaun
Kylie — Kylee
Lee — Leigh
Jennifer — Jenifer
Susanna — Suzanna
Carrie — Kerrie
Lindsay — Lindsey
Jennie — Jeanne
Christy — Kristy

I could keep going, but I think you get the idea.

My question is — what is the craziest way you've seen a name spelled?


  1. If ours would have been a boy my daddy loves the name marshall and mikes mom picked logan. So that was set. Marshall logan it is. When we found out it was a girl we come up Mycah, by splitting our names and she has my middle name. but yes there will always be someone who doesn't like the names you pick. I'm happy either way. A baby is such a blessing.

  2. It's funny that you mention spelling. We wanted our kids to have traditional names that could be nicknamed for kids but if they chose a more sophisticated route when they were older, they could do that too! Once we decided on Abigail, Abbi was an easy decision for us. Then last year she gets the bright idea to change her name to Abbie. It's sticking, she's pretty set on having that e at the end, but at least she's not griping about everything that was given to her as a baby and toddler that has her name on it already. The name on her wall says Abbi, her chair, blanket, etc. She did ask me to order her new backpack this year with the new spelling on it. Oh well, at least she's not wanting crazy colored hair or piercings or anything...yet.

    1. Andy was microwaving the package..I wasn't done with my comment! His name came easy to my husband, he wanted an Andy. An A.N.D.Y. boy Andy. I wanted an Andie girl. I wasn't sold on Andrew though so we compromised with Anderson. I've never seen a name fit a kid's personality as well as Andy's fits his (as he gets his poptarts out of the microwave).

  3. I cant wait to hear the names you have picked out! It is such a big decision I had a hard enough time picking dog names, haha! I didn't like my name when I was in elementary school because it was never on anything! No pencils, no key chains, no ornaments. Now as an adult I couldn't be happier that my name is a little unique. I am not just another Jennifer or Ashley. Not that there is anything wrong with those names...but when someone says Nadine...99% of the time it is me!

  4. Well you know my name. You get like 5 million different spellings.


  5. I always tell everyone that I have one of the most common names with a million spellings. Christy, Christie, Cristy, Cristi, Kristy, Kristie, Kristi……etc

  6. Oh and my sister is the Sara name. It was our grandmother's name.

  7. I'm excited to hear your decision!!!!

  8. Can't wait to hear your names!

    I always feel bad when kids are saddled with names spelled in a difficult manner.

  9. I agree with all the comments on the crazy spellings. Lindsay is fine but Lyndsie is a lifetime of headaches. It is the parents' right for sure but is the need to be different that great?

  10. Not a spelling, but a name - I worked with a lady named Vendetta. Yep.

  11. I work (well, when I wasn't out on disability) in a pediatric hospital in an urban area, so I've seen/heard some doozies.

    I took care of a girl named Dedikation. With a K. And when I was changing the dressing on Dedikation's surgical wound, she began crying, and I was trying to console her and said "oh, it's ok muffin!" From the chair across the room, Dedikation's mom piped up "Oh, she has a cousin named Muffin."

    That's right. Dedikation and Cousin Muffin.

    There was also a patient whose name was...

    La - a

    Go on... take a guess.

    Ladasha. I'm not kidding, and Brie can vouch with me on this. Brie was the nanny of a doctor I worked with and she told Brie about it, too!

  12. My poor dad.... His name is Lisle (as in, Lyle) and he always gets called "Liesl" or "Lissly" iiiiii mean, why? Why do parents do that to their kids? Especially now that people name there kids something so original (or funky).... why make the spelling crazy on top of it?

  13. I am totally with the parents picking the name, but I need them to also realize that they don't live with it - the kid does. So when you decide on a name like Jessica, but spell is Jesicka. COME ON!! My favorite thing is to hear where the names come from!!

  14. As a teacher, I've heard it all!! And no matter what, you're gonna hear opinions on the names you chose. :( Hate that. Oh well, that's people. I know the names you chose will be beautiful, and I can't wait to hear!

  15. My name is Allison. The worst I've ever seen is Alicesen.

  16. Our baby names were Charlotte Lyric or William Owen. Our baby who is in Heaven is Miller Graceson.

  17. I had a student names PreC'ygcal (pronounced procedure-cle) once. And I'm still amazed at all the comments we get about Millie Janalee's beautiful name. I've learned to smile, roll my eyes, and move along. Ha!

  18. I am late on this convo, but wanted to say my great niece is named Alli Reese and her brother is Jaxon John. We all had a hand in naming him. My nephew, Jonathan, and his wife, Lynda, gave us two names to choose from. We all loved Jaxon and will call him Jax. The John is for my dad. Every first son has had a derivative of John in their name. Everyone else in the family is normal boring names with no weird spellings. Me, well, I named my Westie Gavin because it meant "very white". I should have known he would make sure not to live up to that name! LOL


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