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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Earlier this week I was tagged in a post from Nadine, and today I'm taking the time to answer the questions she's given me. Hopefully you'll get to know me a little better from these questions. =)

1) If you could be any animal on the planet, which would you choose and why?
Hello, I'd be Marsie Belle. Seriously, this dachshund has it made! If you follow me on instagram or even read any of my posts lately, you know how spoiled she is.

2) What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
Never tell God your plans, because He will laugh and show you His plans are greater. AMEN!

3) What is your favorite TV show of all time?
Okay, so the Mr and I were discussing this earlier this week. I miss Big Love from HBO. Yes, it was a crazy show, and no, I do not believe in those practices — but, if you ever watched the show, you know how much you were drawn in. I told him the other day I wish they would rerun the seasons again, or I guess I just need to buy the box set!

4) If you could have any job in the world and it didn't matter how much money you made or what qualifications you needed, what would it be?
I'm on the road to having the best job any woman could want, motherhood. I'm blessed to be able to sit and take it easy while I'm growing our little one and I can't wait to have the greatest job (to me) in March taking care of our little one. (I almost typed little girl, I guess I'm still thinking girl.)

5) What is your favorite holiday movie?
Wait, I can't have a list? Christmas Vacation is probably my favorite, but I love just about every Christmas movie on the same level.

6) Suggest a new blog for me to read.
Any on my "blogs you'll love" are great blogs to read.

7) What is something that you are loving right now? 
I'm loving the fallish feeling in the air. It only happens early in the morning or late at night, but I've got my fingers crossed that we will soon feel fall all day, every day.

8) What is your favorite nail polish color?
I love Big Apple Red (at least I think that's the name) from OPI. I usually wear red all year long on my toes. Of course, right now I've got some maroon on them... #hailstate!

9) What is your favorite season?
I think I've already covered this, but FALL is my favorite. I love the air, I love the holidays, I love the football, I love the scents... I LOVE IT ALL!

10) Tell me something that most people don't know about you.
Hmmm... I guess one thing most people don't know is I was our high school mascot for my last 3 years of high school. Yep, I was the bulldog!

Did you learn something new about me? Most will say I'm pretty predictable... Ha! Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend!!! And even though it's rainy and cloudy out — there's still some sunshine on this cloudy day.


  1. I got maroon on my toes too! Don't think I have ever saw all of Christmas vacation! It's on my bucket list.

  2. I had no clue that you were your high school mascot, that is awesome!!! I think MB certainly has it made and it wouldn't be bad at all spending a few days in those paws! I enjoyed reading your answers, I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  3. First off...the school mascot! I love it! I see you in a whole new light! Secondly, I LOVE all Christmas movies too. And i don't have HBO, but should I look up this tv show?? Never seen it.

  4. I would totally be my dog, too. She's got it made! My favorite Christmas Movie is White Christmas. I could watch it every day and never tire of it.

  5. I would be your dog, too. :)
    I hope you are having the most relaxing weekend!~

  6. Ok I had no idea you were the mascot! That is awesome!!! And kind of crazy, my sister was our college mascot too lol We really are sisters :-)

    I had no idea you were a Big Love fan! So was I! Do you watch sister wives on TLC?

  7. I learn something new every day. Joy as the mascot! :) How cool is that.

    I too loved Big Love - but I never saw all the episodes...time to find a copy!

  8. I love Big Love oh so much! I miss it tons. Spencer loved it too. Fall is my favorite.

    And I am just LOVING the idea of you as the mascot! :)


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