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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Y'all were a wealth of knowledge yesterday, and we really appreciate it. We appreciate it so much we are coming back asking for more advice!

Car seat and strollers... so many options, but which should we choose?

I've had my eye on this car seat since day one...

Graco SnugRide® Click Connect™ 40 Infant Car Seat - Moonstruck

However it doesn't come with a stroller, so we picked this stroller... it's just a frame and you snap the car seat into it...

Now, here is where we need the advice. Is this the right decision? We will regret not having a full stroller to use without the car seat after a few months?

One of the main reasons we picked this car seat is because it goes up to 40 pounds and can be rear or front seating. (Or at least I think it does... might need to double check that one.) And it has great safety ratings.
And we figure we could just get an umbrella stroller later on when she is older.

I need to know what worked for y'all. This is a big purchase, and we don't want to get something we will regret after a few months. And we also want something that is safe for our girl.

We can't wait to read your comments, and thanks in advance for the advice.


  1. I'm pretty sure that one is only rear facing but if you can swing it monetarily, I didn't like having my babies in a convertible car seat. I thought they were too small. Rear facing recommendations is at least 2 years old too, so the longer you keep them turned the better! We used something like this (graco with first, britax with second) until they were about 4-6 months then we swapped to a convertible. Britax with the first and currently, we are in a Graco My ride 70 with the second. He's still rear facing for now. We are going to swap him in the next few weeks. As far as the strollers, My favorite by FAR (I've had about 5) is a baby jobber city mini. It's so much nicer than a big stroller for shopping but it's still small enough that I can unfold and fold it with ease.

  2. We used our Chico carrier until she was around 9 months (her head was starting to brush the top) , then we switched to a convertible Graco. She's still rear facing and out convertible goes up to 70 pounds or more. We chose a big stroller bc it was a travel set with the carrier. The umbrella stroller is nice for jumping out for errands and shopping in small single stores, but I like having my nice stroller bc o the mesh under compartment to hold all my stuff and shopping bags and I can put snacks on the tray to keep her occupied and my drink keys and phone in te cupholder area for walks. Maybe you want both? We have an umbrella stroller and big one.

  3. First off...make sure it's light. You will carry and hold the actual car seat more than you can image. Also, make sure the handle part is comfy! Mine wasn't. and after 1 week I rigged a blanket around the top to save my hands and arms!

    I personally never did the snap and go stroller. Kate did and hated it.She said it didn't steer well or something. She got the City Mini stroller and got the car seat attachment. That stroller is amazing. If I ever have another baby, I am shelling out the bucks for that stroller. So amazing! I see the ease with that though - not bulky, like, easy. I had a travel system with Bird. It was nice.

    Speaking of car seats - just remember to buy 2 bases! One for each car!

  4. We had a full stroller/ car seat combo- I think it was called a travel system? Anyway, it was sweet because we could pop the car seat into the stroller- very convenient- but then when he was over 35 pounds (which was super quick- we are already there!), I still have the full stroller to use. He also wasn't comfortable in the car seat on the stroller after a few months because he wanted to see! He would always wiggle around, so I just put him in the full stroller. He hates his umbrella stroller. I have tried to use it since the beginning of summer. He just struggles to get out. I think it's too much freedom for him yet. :)

  5. Both of my nephews hated their umbrella strollers, they always seemed uncomfortable. I know when I walked around the mall with my sister, it was nice to have the full stroller to put items she needed for the kids underneath, along with her purse and anything she bought. She would set out a little mini dvd player on the tray with a snack and the kids were entertained and let her run her errands and do her thing without much fuss.

  6. I had a travel system and the frame stroller and only used the big stroller a handful of times. I loved the frame stroller because it was so light and easy to get in/out of the car. Now that my daughter is 8.5 months old I have started using a Chicco umbrella stroller and I love it because it has the basket underneath and can lay flat when she needs to take a nap while we are out.

  7. We have a Chicco keyfit 30 and looooove it. I would recommend getting a travel system though that has a stroller included. You're going to need a stroller anyway. I started putting Emerson in the stroller without the carseat at 3 months. I hear Gracco is good too though :)))

  8. I wouldn't get real caught up in the weight limit of the infant seat. We used the frack snug ride 30 and transitioned H out of it before she reached the weight limit for two reasons. The first being that toting a 25 lb kid in one of those is exhausting. The second is that by the time I was getting tired of toting H (around 9 months), H was ready to sit up, which is more difficult in the instant seat.

    We used the Cosco sceneca convertible seat from about 9 months on. It was about $40 at Walmart. It doesn't have as many bells and whistles as some of the other car seats, but it has worked well for us.

    I do think that you will eventually want a stroller that has a seat. We had a graco stroller that matched our snug ride that wasn't technically a travel system. I started putting both the girls in the stroller for longer outings without the car seat around 3-4 months.

  9. So glad you are posting these questions! We are learning along with you! Ha! I think we are going to get the Chicco car seats and a stroller frame first and then upgrade to a bigger stroller. Still trying to figure all this out!

  10. I think that's a good decision!!! We used a Britax with Carter. He's a small kid and always has been. Had we waited until he hit the weight limit on the infant car seat, he would just now be in a convertible seat. We used the infant carrier until he was 1 and then changed to the convertible car seat. However, he was still rear facing in the convertible carseat until he was 21 months old. The recommendation is 2 years until you turn them to forward facing, but the law is only 1 year. You do what is best for you guys. We wanted to make it two, but Carter got antsy trying to contort his body to see us so we turned him around at 21 months. That's still better than most people I know who turn kids around when they are legally able to at 12 months. As far as the stroller goes...OMG I LOVE A SNAP-N-GO!!!! I didn't get a travel system, I purposely got the Britax and a Snap-N-Go stroller (like what you have above). Those strollers are smaller in width and make it easier to get baby in and out of small places like dressing rooms and bathroom stalls. Also, if baby is asleep in the carseat, you definitely don't want to have to wake them up to put them in a different stroller. With the stroller you have above, you'd just take the carseat out of the car and plop it into the stroller. The baby will never have to be touched and will keep on sleeping :) It's a win/win :) Great choices Joy!

  11. Nice stroller and carseat combo, it's very lightweight, portable but safe. I always have peace of mind when using products of Graco and Britax.

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