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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This past weekend, the Mr and I had some friends and their little girls over to watch the game and grill out Saturday night. We love it when they come over because the house is full of excitement and laughter while they are here.

My mom actually kept the littlest one, Sol, a month ago and every time she walks through the front door, she is looking for her, and MB. So we had to take a picture for Granny so she would know who was looking for her.

And since the bulldawgs were playing (and playing good for the first three quarters) little Sol started cheering for our boys!

Then on Sunday, their parents had a dinner to attend, so we got to keep the girls that evening while they were away. I'm pretty sure in those hours, we got a good taste of what our world will be like in a year or so. Stella is 5 and Sol is 1 1/2. And these girls are a trip, and full of energy.

The Mr entertained the girls while I finished up dinner. And it was so much fun making little plates for them. I can't wait til this is something I get to do every night — fixing three plates instead of two!

After dinner the girls entertained us. You can tell they love each other. But, sometimes it's fun to beat up the older sister. And we are pretty sure Sol learned her moves from the WWE. Ha!

We had so much fun keeping the girls, and I can't wait until our home is filled with the sound of a child's laughter 24/7.


  1. I love it! You and Terry are naturals! :) Cannot wait to see pictures of your little ones!

  2. Oh this is so sweet....this will totally be y'all soon! I remember you telling me about when you first bought the house and you could "hear" those little feet running around. Soon enough that will be true :-)


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