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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

If everything goes as planned tomorrow, we will know whether Baby Sowell is a little boy or a little girl. No more will we be calling the baby he or she, but we will actually start calling the baby his or her actual name!

However, tomorrow is not all about finding out the gender (even though it's really exciting), it's also our big anatomy scan where they will check out every detail of the baby's organs to make sure everything is developing. This is exciting and makes me nervous, and we are praying that we hear "you have a healthy growing baby in there." And I'd love it if y'all could help us pray for this great news tomorrow.

While y'all made your guesses to whether we will be covered in blue or pink, we promise to not leave y'all hanging tomorrow after the appointment. After we have called our parents, we will get a blog post up and ready to post for y'all to find out the reveal. We hope to have the blog up as soon as possible, so just bare with us. But, not only will y'all find out the gender, we will also be announcing the baby's name!! And I'm excited for y'all to hear that news, too!!

I will say that while I've been set on boy over the past few weeks, girl was guessed most yesterday. And last night, while I was up during my 1:30 — 4:00 break from sleep, the Mr rolled over and started rubbing the belly and when I asked him what he was doing... he said he was rubbing the belly because "she" likes it! I said you do realize you just said "she" right, and he laughed and said... I guess I did. One thing is for sure, no matter whether we find out if Baby Sowell is a boy or a girl tomorrow, we will be overjoyed with the news. We are so blessed to have been given this precious gift from Him, and we know He will give us the baby He wants us to have!

A little over 24 hours before we see our little bundle of joy. I'm ready!!


  1. Prayers for a healthy baby and a happy mommy!!!!

  2. Can't wait to find out how good everything is tomorrow!

  3. Prayer your way. I can't wait to hear! I also pray for a relaxed mommy. I want you to enjoy the scan as well. It is truly amazing!

  4. Sending Prayers for a healthy baby!

  5. Woo Hoo!! Prayers for a perfectly healthy baby! Can't wait to hear their name too.

  6. Praying for wonderful news tomorrow!!!! You can't go wrong either way-we have one of each-ha!

  7. Wheeeeeeeeee! So exciting! I'm prepared to get wonderful news tomorrow of a healthy baby, boy or girl...doesn't matter which.


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