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Monday, October 7, 2013

Next Monday y'all get to place your vote on what you think Baby Sowell will be. It's hard to believe that in only a week and a half, we will know.

Until then, I need some help.

We are looking online and thinking about what we will be registering for. We aren't in a huge rush, but some have already asked what they can get us for Christmas, and we are thinking these would make the best Christmas gifts for us!

So we need your help. What should we register for? What websites were most helpful when you registered? What is something you wish you would have registered for, but didn't?

 Spill it ladies... I know y'all have some good advice!!


  1. uhhhhh I have no idea what to tell you to register for lol but I do think I have switched back on gender today. Today I vote boy

  2. Besides the big things like play pens, bouncy seats, and cribs. Definitely stuff for babys bum, baby wash, gas drops, things like that. If your preference is to keep baby sowell close a moby wrap or ergo thing will be a great help. They are also handy if you plan to breastfeed. The little snuggy things for the carseat straps are a must mainly so babys head doesn't bobble. These are just a few things. The list could go on and on.

  3. Having lots of nieces and nephews, I know that a boppy pillow and a swing to help sweet baby fall asleep or keep entertained and confined and let mommy cook dinner or go to the bathroom were a must.

  4. Things I am loving so far....1. the Aden and Anais swaddles and burp rags, they are super soft and perfect for swaddling. 2. Arms Reach Mini Co Sleeper for next to your bed - especially if you plan to breast feed. The baby is right next to you and you don't have to get up to get him/her. 3. Moby wrap or some kind of sling - I have used this a ton all ready when out and about, especially since the car seats are heavy and hard to carry into places. 4. The Boppy Pillow is a must if you are gonna breast feed - saves your back!

    We registered at Target and Babies R Us. Between those 2 places you can get everything you need and then some! Can't wait to find out what Baby Sowell is!! I am thinking boy : )

  5. Great question! I have been reading different blogs/websites for the same info and making a wish list on Amazon. I can't wait to vote!

  6. I still cannot live without a sound machine! Best. Thing. Ever! Bird loves the waves. Best thing...when she was teeny - it drowned out other noises so I could vacuum and such. ALSO got her used to noise in general - so she didn't need it to be so quiet to sleep.

    You can never have too many blankets or burp cloths or bibs!

    I loved my Boppy. Was a savior since I ended up with a CSection - the pillow protected my incision and didn't get irritated when feeding.

    Just don't get bogged down with all the little things. My mom always reminded me that I am fine and she didn't have half these contraptions! But seriously - the sound machine! It's a go to gift for any baby shower I go to. Even if they don't register for it!

    PS - Darby you are hilarious!

  7. SwaddleMe blankets/sleepers are a MUST have - they are fantastic and work SO well - mom is even bringing some to Madagascar for me :) Also - a Boppy - hands down - absolutely!! It's also worth investing in (or having someone give you as a gift) a really great breastpump. Medela is my personal favorite and I did a lot of research - expensive but you'll love it! :)

  8. I thought of two more things I didn't list in my post. A sound machine. We've never gone without one. And a Padalily!! It's a cushion for your arm when carrying the baby carrier. Otherwise your arm will fall off. Or you will wish it would. Ha!

  9. A white noise machine, bumbo seat, boppy have been gifts moms I know raved about.

    I am torn on the gender!

  10. I would say you need a white noise machine, baby swing, some kind of a swaddle sleeper, Boppy, plenty of burp cloths. I wouldn't by a ton a bottles or pacifiers because the baby may not like what you pick out! haha We had to go through several paci options until Dylan was happy and Kinley never took one at all much to our dismay. Oh, and the zip up sleepers. There is nothing worse than messing with snaps when trying to change a baby in the dark in the middle of the night! ;)


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