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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Maybe I've just really never paid much attention, but I'm seeing all these really cute accessories for little girls. However, I'm not finding any of these cute things in stores.

I know y'all know where to find the cutest accessories for girls (and boys). I have a few momma's who are also reading these advice posts and they are having boys. So if y'all will link up below with some of your favorite places to find the cutest accessories... I would (and so would the other momma's) appreciate it!

I'm asking you to link up your favorite websites you go to for baby accessories. It can be an instagram account, etsy store, Facebook page, etc. Under URL — paste the page you are directing me too, and under name — tell me the name of the business. Simple enough... right?!

And if you don't want to link to the site, just leave it in a comment below.

I'm excited to see where y'all shop! And I know other mom's will appreciate these links, too!


  1. Now I don't know too much about this, but I do know that I have purchased a lot of cute baby accessories in the past from Etsy

  2. I love little girl accessories. Mainly the hair ones. But I could never afford to get them, especially when Bird was born. So I learned to make my own with YouTube videos. 4 years later - I am still making hair bows, clips! I know you aren't the type to make things - so check out They have great deals, and many many varieties!

  3. I just obnoxiously linked up several of my favorite Etsy/Ebay sites. :) You're right - the cutest stuff isn't usually in stores. I really love Zulily for really different, adorable things for Grace, but it takes forever for things to ship, so buy way in advance of when you'll need it! :)

  4. There may be a wide range of selection on baby accessories but it will also be important to keep in mind that choosing accessories for babies will only require the simplest effort especially if you will just focus on the basic things that are considered most suitable for your child.
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