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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

We originally registered for a baby monitor at Babies R Us, but after I had a chance to check out all the features and the reviews... we have pulled it from our registry.

Here are the things we are looking for (or think we are looking for):

• two way communication
• video
• hand held device to walk around with (upstairs and downstairs)
• day to night automatic screen swap over
• reliable

I'm sure there are other things we should be looking for in this device, but that's where I'm hoping y'all can help. Which one worked for you? Every one I have researched has had negative reviews. =(

We appreciate your advice, as always!!

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  1. No help here my friend! We kept it simple and just had a plain old baby monitor. But we were also in a super small house, and I could easily hear her in any room.

    Next baby I will be needing advice on this!! I have heard good things about the Angel monitor, but I personally have no clue! There is one that you can watch from your phone which is pretty sweet!

  2. We have the basic Summer brand video monitor. We like the camera and the handheld the only problem we've had is it is tricky to get the handheld to charge. I contacted them and they said they would replace it no questions asked as long and you had the receipt and original packaging. Needless to say we did not have the original packaging. So we're just dealing with it. If I had it to do over again I would go with one that shows the temp of the room on the handheld. Hope that helps.

  3. We have Summer brand video monitor. It is handheld and you can talk through it also. It meets all your points on the list. :) We have been very happy with ours and even peek in on each other when we are putting her to bed sometimes. Ha!

  4. It's Summer BabyTouch video monitor. I should be more specific. :)

  5. I have a Summer baby monitor, but mine isn't two way communication. Piece of advice...for the ones that are more expensive, their big "plus" is that you can connect to it through the internet and check on your baby when you're not home using internet connection. DO NOT GET THIS. Stories are coming out where baby monitors are being hacked and because they have the "two way communication" people are talking to babies through the monitors. I read an article about a baby girl that was in her crib and someone hacked into the monitor and was able to talk to her. The parents heard everything because their handheld was turned on. Whoever the person was was using curse words and using the baby girls name (they could see her name in block letters on the wall in her room). The parents ran upstairs and unplugged the monitor. Just waaaaaaayyyyyy too creepy. My husband does IT for a living and says it's easy to do that. So steer clear of any monitors that promote internet connection. Or if you get a monitor that has it, turn off the internet. Here's the article:

  6. We have this one, and we LOOOOOVE it!

    The color monitor is great, and the sound is adjustable, which is important after the first month or two when you don't want to hear every noise, but want to hear her cry.

  7. (Also, I wouldn't worry about cost. Someone will get it for you, or you'll get enough gift cards to cover it. :))

  8. The people I nanny for have a video one I don't know what it is called. I will ask and let you know.


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