Thankful Thursday

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The first day of November I started posting on twitter what I'm thankful for. Each Thursday this month I will give you a recap of what I have been posting. #givethanks

Day 15 — I'm thankful for two hour phone calls with a best friend who is hundreds of miles away.

Day 16 — I'm thankful we only have four months (give or take) until we meet our sweet baby girl!

Day 17 — I'm thankful for a rainy Sunday. A day to replenish the earth, and make things look new. Thankful for His promises.

Day 18 — I'm thankful I'm able to feel our little girl kicking and moving around inside of me. Love bonding with her in the womb.

Day 19 — I'm thankful the Mr and I both got to feel AC kick this morning with our hands on my belly. Truly a special moment!

Day 20 — I'm thankful for advice from friends who suggested me using a neti pot tonight. Breathing while pregnant is important!

Day 21 — I'm thankful my husband doesn't mind going to CVS 3 different times in one day to get me everything I need to get well.


  1. So sorry you are not feeling good. That is the worst! I pray you get better quickly! How much fun that Terry can feel baby girl now too! I LOVE IT!! She's already wrapping herself around him...saves her time later in life! :)

  2. Sorry you're not well- hope you're all better soon! it stinks being sick, but being pregnant and sick is the worst. But such a special time for you guys. Glad you get to feel her- that's amazing!

  3. What a good man you have in the Mr! Feel better <3


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