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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

One thing I haven't even thought much about is bathing Miss AC. We registered for a baby tub, towels, wash cloths and toys. But I have no clue what kind of shampoo and lotions we should use. I think we actually registered for Aveeno products. However, which ones work best for your babies?

And we've seen a lot of people using the blooming pad to wash their little ones. Is it worth the money? There are so many options you have with bath tubs and accessories and I just don't want to get carried away with stuff we don't need.

I know we will need a lot of hooded towels, but what are your must haves for bathing the baby?


  1. We have a lot of lotions (Burt's Bees, California Baby) but when baby's skin is really dry, you use Aquaphor. We've found that a lot of baths dry her out so that's why I included it!

  2. We have the bath tub you have pictures and love it! The net in the top is wonderful. We used it until our baby girl was 2 1/2 months old. We use Johnson's Bedtime bath wash and lotion. It smells like lavender and makes baby smell delicious!

  3. Aveeno bath products are THE BEST! Aquaphor is great for dry skin and I also use it on Emerson's little skin folds :). Also, don't spend the money on the flower bloom thing. One of my friends has it and hates it. We just have your basic Babies r Us brand tub. We used the little mesh hammock it comes with at first and she hated it. When we started actually putting her in the water she started loving baths. :)

  4. We used a bath similar to what you registered for-it was great. I love any of the Johnson's products. The head to toe wash, baby bath bar, baby shampoo, and the old fashioned pink lotion. I love my baby to smell like a baby!! The best hooded towels are by 3 Marthas. They are a little pricey, but totally worth it. Big, absorbent, and most importantly CUTE! Their bibs and burp cloths are awesome, too!

  5. Can't help with the bath tub. Because of Bird's casting for the first 3 months we only got to sponge bathe. But hooded towels are the way to go!!! I think we used Johnson and Johnson blue soap - maybe it was special for night time? Bird had bad eczema so we used aquaphor lotion a lot with her. Don't stress. You will know whats right. And just remember...our parents didnt have all these contraptions - they used the sink! Hahaha

  6. Any of those tubs with the mesh seat will work. You'll also want a bath ring at some point too. Lots of little washclothes (I think they are softer) and hooded towels. With Natalie we used J&J products but Harper skin (at least her head) is more prone to drying and flaking. We use aveeno with her and coconut oil for the cradle crap. We never used a lot of lotion or powder. I cup thing to wash her hair out will help too. The ones with the flexible front. Get her used to it now, it'll save you some headaches later :)

  7. Between baths:
    - wash your baby's face regularly
    - clean your baby's genitals and bottom after each nappy change
    - wipe any grime off his skin

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