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Sunday, January 12, 2014

At our childbirth class, we were told to have our hospital bag ready by week 32. And y'all, that's next week! But, before I even start to get a bag together, I need some advice.

What do I bring?

What to pack for the baby?  

I'm hoping y'all can share some insight and helpful hints to help make sure I bring what we will need.


  1. I was surprised by how little I actually needed at the hospital. Mainly just clothes, bath stuff, makeup (I never did my makeup while I was there but I did bring it). Your own pillow with a colored pillow case and the boppy pillow for nursing. As far as clothes I wore maternity pj pants and one of Patrick's button downs with a nursing tank the whole time I was there. They gave me everything else I needed for nursing (nipple sheild, lanolin). We took our computer and charger. Of course your camera. I did not have a bag packed when my water broke and just threw the basics in my bag. I can't think of anything that I wished I'd had for me. For baby I took a few outfits and a few swaddle blankets again.

  2. I agree with the first comment. Our hospital provided a lot of the things we needed. I brought my own pillow, my boppy, nursing tanks (I liked Target's), pajama pants, toiletries, phone charger, my camera, and lots of hair ties. I also brought a bag for my husband with some changes of clothes and some snacks. They gave us everything else we needed! I do wish that we'd brought our baby book so that visitors could sign it and such but I forgot and it wasn't a big deal. For the baby, we brought two changes of clothes (newborn and 0-3) since we didn't know how big she would be and some swaddles. That's really it! Good luck!

  3. I can tell you as an adoptive parent that the hospital provides everything the baby needs. Millie Janalee's birth mother didn't take anything for her except the gown her mom ran out to get the day we met her. Of course, youll probably want her sressed in sweet gowns while youre there. As far as for mommy, that's something I know nothing about! Ha!

  4. Obviously I know nothing about this, but from what I've read, camera & charger, snacks, and an outfit to come home in are the biggies

  5. I did basics but only because I didn't have a bag packed, as Bird came early. It also worked great, since I had an epidural for 4 days and couldn't get out of bed! Toothbrush, tooth paste, contacts/glasses, EXTRA LARGE clothes. All the fluid they give you - I went home fuller than I went in because of bueno. Camera, charger, phone, charger. I already know TP is on your list. If you are a picky pillow person, I highly suggest that. And then the going home outfit. Hospital provides diapers, and blankets and such for baby and anything you might need! My advice - Pack bag EARLY!!

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  7. I had the hardest time with this when I was packing! I didn't need as much as I thought, but I had a scheduled C-Section. I ended up needing/using:
    Nursing tanks/bras
    A cardigan to wear over tank when I had guests
    Dry shampoo/face wipes until I could shower
    Few pairs of fuzzy socks
    Swaddler - I was a terrible swaddler, so I had my momma pick up a few so we could just pop him in and velcro it shut.
    Maternity sweatpants/underwear

    Also, we forgot his baby book, so we had the nurse do a few foot prints on card stock.

  8. I"m back at this post again and getting my list ready! lol


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