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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Monday morning I started wondering what this winter weather would actually be like come Tuesday morning. I'm a Good Morning Alabama watcher (ABC station), and I usually get my weather from Charles Daniel on TV or from twitter. The forecast really hadn't changed much, so I asked the Mr to run to the grocery store to pick up a few things that we were needing. He did buy milk, but I needed it for a recipe that night.

***Side note: He was at the grocery store for a long time. He came home and said I was in trouble. I'm thinking oh crap, everyone must be at Publix stocking up for the winter weather. NOPE. Poor thing got behind someone using coupons. And he said, she had at least two coupons for every item. But, the best part was after she paid $3 for what was supposed to be $42... the cashier gave her two gift cards $5 each. So he said SHE GOT PAID TO BUY GROCERIES. And now, he wants me to learn these coupon tips. Anyone want to help me learn?***

Anywho, Tuesday morning comes and I'm up early with the Mr. I had been up for a few hours before he got up. (I don't sleep well in the early mornings, but you let 6:30 hit and I sleep like a baby til 8! Darby says the baby is training me for what's to come. I guess we will see soon!) So I'm watching the news, and catching up on social media. I see Charles Daniel's tweet, "Good Morning Alabama!! It's Snow Day...", and I respond....

Now, at this point it was before 5 am. And the snow didn't even start falling here until after 8:30. My parents were supposed to come that morning. Dad had a meeting and mom was going to help me finish up in the nursery with washing clothes and organizing. They asked me what it was doing here and I said, well, we have snow flurries, but that's it. They had sleet and snow at their house, but they started on their journey here. Mom starts sending me pictures of their commute and I kept telling them, oh it's nothing like that here.

Well, the Mr called me around 10:30 and said he was stuck in traffic in Bessemer. He said that vehicles were spinning and it was getting crazy out there. I immediately felt bad because I had told my parents that it wasn't like there here. And a few minutes later I get a text from mom saying they were half way here, but turning around because it was getting too bad, and dad's meeting was canceled. So that meant seeing this little cutie (who was in snuggled up in their backseat) was out of the question.

The Mr said he was going to start his way bad to our area, but he had to make one more stop to get some paperwork signed with a customer. It took him almost two hours to go a mile and a half. And once he got back on the road, he called me to tell me he was coming straight home, but he had no clue how long it would take him because people were leaving their vehicles and walking on the interstate. And all I'm seeing from the warmth of our home is beautiful snow falling from looking out the window.  Mom sent me a text telling me they made it back home at 2:30. That same time the Mr pulls in the driveway. I was so happy to see him. But then he starts telling me all the scenes he saw coming home and I realized how lucky I was to have him home.

We didn't start watching the news until a few hours after he got home. I guess I really wasn't prepared to see and hear what we were watching. We had friends who had to leave their toddlers at daycare overnight because they couldn't get to them. And we heard of children being stuck at schools with their teachers overnight due to the same reason. People were stranded on the highways for up to 12 hours with no food, water or bathrooms. Crazy and scary at the same time!

Our experience with the snow/ice wasn't a bad one. Although I know it could have been much worse. I'm so thankful I had my husband home with me, and that my parents made it back to their house safely. I loved (and am still loving) the snowy scene here at our home. The snow will melt later today, but it's been beautiful.

Unfortunately people are starting to but blame on the weather and media folks. There is no one to blame. This is called mother nature, and it can take a turn for the better or worse at any moment. Were there bad calls made? Sure. Schools should have canceled classes for the day, but they did what they thought was right at the time. We aren't used to this kind of weather. We might get snow once a year, and it usually is a "dusting." And, it usually melts just as soon as it stops snowing. This was a different situation. No one really knew this was going to have an outcome like it did. But, we live and we learn.

However, good came out of this. Folks were helping their neighbors, and even strangers. Southern hospitality doesn't stop even in a snow storm y'all! 


  1. The snow is so pretty! But I'm glad that you're staying warm inside :-)

  2. It has been a crazy past two days! I am glad you are all safe and warm :)

    I am doing a post next week on my coupon success the last two weeks! Nothing crazy like getting paid to shop, but I have saved over $50 in two weeks so that is a win to me!

  3. When you learn how to coupon, will you show me? The most I've ever saved was $20. But even that lots of clipping and studying...

  4. Your home looks so pretty in the snow!

  5. It's so funny seeing everyone down south freak out over what we call "a light dusting" up here in the Northeast. When I saw the pictures of the mass exodus traffic jams in Atlanta that resembled The Walking Dead, I just couldn't believe it! But I guess when you are NOT equipped to handle snow in any typoe of capacity, it really is a major big deal!

    As far as couponing, the area you live in is the best for coupons in the country. The coupons you receive in the papers are of higher value and coupon policies for your stores are much more lax than they are up here in Philly. Getting money back never happens up in this area! I use a website called The owner of the blog makes it VERY easy, she pretty much does all the work store by store, She is from the northeast, but as her site has gotten bigger, has expanded to stores in the south. Theres pager of tips for beginners, and then every week she lists the sales for each store and matches the sales up with coupons. You can even make lists to print out

  6. We got snow here in NC this week also, my third grader has been out of school for the past 2 days and has a 3 hour delay tomorrow...and we only got 3 inches!!!

  7. So thankful your husband made it home safely. It took my MIL 6 hours to drive what normally takes her 15 minutes. She said hwy 280 was utter chaos.

    Your house is beautiful :) I love your door hanger!

  8. Beautiful! We had the opposite on Tuesday! Everything was canceled for nothing and people complained. Is anyone every happy? SO Happy Terry made it safe, but sad that MB had to go back home.... hopefully soon she will come back!!

  9. Your house is beautiful and I love the door hanger!


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