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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Last Saturday, we attended our childbirth class. It was scheduled to be an all day class (9-4), but our Labor and Delivery nurse said since we had a small class and if we worked through the lunch hour, she could get us out early. I know what you're thinking, a pregnant woman missing lunch equals an unhappy camper. Well, they provided lots of snacks and we pretty much cleaned them out! Ha!

Our class started out talking about the changes we have experienced and will continue to experience before giving birth. I think this was their way of easing us into the next section. LABOR. And I'm just gonna be completely honest with y'all. I knew about the contractions, the possible long hours of labor, etc. but I had NO clue about some of the things that happen AFTER the baby comes out. I mean, you moms don't talk about all the "fun stuff" that happens next. And since the Mr and I are going to be first time parents, I'm pretty sure we had the biggest eyes of the class. Bugging out, I might add.

You see, I vowed to not do any googling or research with this pregnancy. I don't need anything else to add stress in my life, and as the Mr would say, I can freak out very easily. SO... I had no clue what the placenta looks like, nor that you delivery it after the baby. I guess I just kinda figured it went away. HA! WRONG... and the 80s video we watched was a big eye opener. Thankfully, our hospital (unlike the one in the video) discards the placenta and doesn't "show it" to you after it's out. However, we did learn that some people take it home with him to bury it or put in their fridge to make supplements for the mom's hormones. WE will not be one of those people. The Mr joked, yeah, we will keep it in our fridge right next to the turkey and ham. Ha! No disrespect to those who do decide to keep it, we just aren't those people. The only thing we want to take home is our baby.

We got to tour the Women's Center. Our suites are like little hotel rooms. We learned about their tight security for the babies, and the hospitals rules for visitors before and after the birth. If you ask the Mr what his favorite part of the tour is... it's the flat screen tv's mounting on the wall. And yes, they said you can even bring your gaming systems to the hospital and hook them up to play while you're there. You can imagine the look I gave him when he smiled. Yep, NOT happening!

We made our way back downstairs to the classroom and talked about what happens after the baby is here for mom and baby. Our hospital believes in "in-room" care which means our baby will only leave our room for the pediatrician to evaluate the baby once a day.

Needless to say, we learned a lot. We were traumatized a bit, but found that if we had not attended, we would probably be completely freaked out once we got to the hospital for the big day. This Saturday, I have breastfeeding class for a couple of hours. The Mr was suppose to attend with me, however, last week one of the couples asked if her husband needed to attend and the nurse said it wasn't mandatory. She said they can come, but only some show up. So he has decided I can go alone. But you can rest assure that he will find out all the details once I get home. And the nurse did tell all the guys they will need to read the material we take home on Saturday so he doesn't get completely out of it. =)  

Are we the only ones who had their eyes opened wide during childbirth class? Of course, we know the sweet and precious outcome after going through childbirth is the fact that we will have our little girl. And that makes all the stress of the unknown worth it!


  1. Oh yes, the childbirth class was traumatizing for us as well! My doctor gave me strict instructions not to Google- and I heeded his advice! It's probably the best piece of advice I got. Because God knows, Google is scary! I was really exciting touring the rooms and stuff though. I had worked at the hospital where I delivered for a couple years, and was up in OB sometimes, but touring as a pregnant mom was way different- made it all so real!

    Enjoy your breastfeeding class! I'm so glad they have these learning opportunities, not like years ago. What an exciting, yet slightly scary, time! :) I can't believe you're almost there- wow!

    i've been thinking of you. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your class.

  2. Having a baby is terrifying for me. I am pretty sure that I wouldn't be researching and googling either. I know it will all be worth it in the end, and you will be so excited the AC is here that you will forget all about the placenta and other things that happen after birth ;)

  3. Our birthing class was great. It was 12 weeks long and there were definitely some eye opening things but I felt as prepared as I could be. I was in labor for a LONG time but felt like I could really advocate for myself because I knew what was going on. I agree, though, google is scary! There's too much info out there.

  4. I loved this. I laughed. We did the all day class too and I was freaked out with how many women asked if they could have mirrors to see what was going on. Ummm... No. I didn't learn about this in the class - but the poop thing. That traumatized me about Labor. There are many things moms leave out. But ask me. I tell you everything. Better to know and be prepared I say!! Speaking of - I hope the Mr. doesn't have a sensitive nose....the smells...MMm.... NOT!


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