I Miss the Weekend!

Monday, February 17, 2014

It seems the past few months our weekends have been full of either freezing cold weather or RAIN. Well, not this weekend... for a change, it was a beautiful, and warmer weekend.

Friday was Valentine's Day. I'm not sure anyone would say they dislike love, and any day is good day to celebrate it! I had been cooped up in the house all week except for our Dr's appt on Wednesday afternoon, so I decided to get out of the house Friday morning for a few hours. I tackled getting toiletry items for the hospital at Target. I think I have a few more things I might need to get, but today I plan to work on the hospital bags! (Yeah, I know I said I was going to it yesterday, but it just didn't happen.)

Anyway, while at Target, I picked up two VDay cards for the Mr. One funny, and one serious. I always do this. And decided after I left Target I would head to Publix to pick up some steaks for the evening. In the meantime, the Mr calls to chat and tells me he wants to go out for dinner. Normally, I would be excited because we never really go out just the two of us for a sit down dinner, but the thought of the crowds, having to wait, and being a little uncomfortable — I just didn't want to. So, I asked him was it okay if we didn't go out. He said, well I thought it would be nice for Valentine's Day. I then told him I was on my way to get steaks and baked potatoes. Y'all, you could hear the smile on the other side of the phone. Poor thing, I guess he thought since it was VDay he had to take me out. Well, turns out I made his day by saying no. His only request, for me to pick up stuff to make salads, too. DEAL!

The Mr came home and took care of dinner. Well, I did make the salads. =) And I got a card from him, and my first card from AC!!

Saturday we had plans to meet up with our friends Stephanie and Tadd at Firebirds for lunch. The last time the Mr and I ate at Firebirds was last year in March for our one year anniversary. So we were excited to eat there again. We enjoy our friendship with these two, they keep us laughing and the conversations are endless. Of course, this was probably our last lunch without having little AC in attendance outside of the belly. I know she is going to love them as much as we do, and I'm secretly hopping Stephanie teaches AC how to cook one day!

After lunch we headed over to pick up AC a tub. I know y'all probably think this is ridiculous, but I've been obsessed with having her a tub. And I felt like we couldn't bring her home until this was purchased. Not that she will be having a bath in it right away, but for some reason not having the tub has been causing me to stress. Well, stress no more, we have one now. And yes, I realize the tub is a bit blueish, but the Mr did not want to purchase the pink one because he said we can't use it for the next child if it's a boy. Ha!

When we got home, we noticed a package at our front door. We weren't expecting anything so this got our curiosity going. We walked inside and immediately the Mr tore into the package. We knew from the outside of the box that it was from my brother, and this is what was on the inside...

That's right, our girl now has her very own cowbell! #hailstate

Sunday was the perfect temperature outside, and we couldn't help but go outside for a bit and enjoy the sunny afternoon. (This would be why I didn't pack the hospital bags!) The Mr picked up sticks around the back yard, and we walked around the house trying to decide how to trim back some of our bushes around the house. I think everyone in our neighborhood had the same idea, because we saw lots of neighbors outside in their yards.

Sunday was also the day we officially turned 36 weeks, even though she is measuring a little further ahead.

How was your weekend? We are counting down the weekends we have left before our little one arrives. And y'all, it's not long!!


  1. The bell is so pretty! Glad you had a nice Valentines Day.

  2. I haven't been to...or heard of Firebirds. Where is that at? Sounds fun!

    You better get to packing that hospital bag soon, missy! AC isn't going to want to wait around for you to do that when it is time I bet! :)

  3. I love the two card concept; I'm guilty of that too!

    I second Nadine, you better pack that bag soon girl! lol She will be here in no time and I just can't wait to see you holding her :-)

  4. I am in love with that cowbell!

    This weekend was gorgeous! So glad you had a chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine :)

    You are getting so close! I cannot wait for Miss Avery to make her grand debut :)

  5. Love love the cowbell! And you are still looking so fabulous! 36 weeks!! WHAT!?!?! That's crazy! I hope you have a few more nice weather weekends to enjoy just the two of you!

  6. You had a great Valentine's weekend! We always love meeting you guys. Can't wait for the little one to come along soon!

  7. That's the exact same meal J & I had for Valentine's Day (except we had to wait until the 17th) Glad that you had such a great weekend! I finally figured out who you look like. Every time I see your picture I think "she looks like someone I know!" You look almost identical to a former co-worker except for that she's blonde.


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