AC's One Month Update

Monday, March 31, 2014

AC turned a month old last Thursday. I'm not sure how a month has already passed us by, but it's been the best month of our lives!

She's had a lot of firsts :

• her first water bath
• tons of smiles
• first time going through a drive thru — Dairy Queen (ha)
• her first shopping experience in babies r us
• her first squeal out loud
• meeting both set of grandparents
• meeting her neighbors on both sides

A lot has changed since we first brought our sweet girl home. Around week three, she started staying up more during the day and looking around more. She went from taking two ounces at each feeding to enjoying four ounces. She gets about an ounce of mama's milk first, and then we follow up with formula. She started out taking Similac Advance and we changed to Similar Sensitive with the advice of her pediatrician around day ten to help with the spitting up and gas. We can tell a big different in the spitting up, but she is a little tooting machine. Ha!

She loves her sleepers, and despises anything going over her head. But we are working on that because she has a lot of cute clothes that require being pulled over her head. She thinks her room is awesome and loves to look around while she's on the changing table. Bath time is fun with her mommy and daddy. She stares at herself in the mirror, kicks her feet in the water and always kicks her daddy when he tries to pour water on her to wash the suds away. However, she doesn't like getting out of her bath and getting lotioned up. We're hoping this changes when it warms up some. She still wears some newborn clothes, but we've introduced some 0-3 month clothes, too. She's still in newborn diapers, but we figure she'll be moving up to 1's in a few weeks.

After feeding times, if she doesn't fall asleep, she will try her best to talk to you. She's figured out she has a tongue and she loves to stick it out and wiggle it around in her mouth while her mouth is wide open. She's found mommy's hair and will try to grab it, but she hasn't succeeded, yet. Laying in bed with mommy and daddy is her favorite, even though we try to only put her in bed while one of us is awake. She sleeps in her rock n play on mommy's side of the bed, even though she started out in her bassinet in her pack n play when she first came home. It's easier to hear her and get to her if she's closer to mommy.

She thinks her daddy hung the moon, and when he gives her kisses, she tries to kiss him back. Her mommy likes to give her kisses on her nose and every single time she opens her mouth like a little bird — every time! She knows who her granny is, knows her papa's voice, too. She's yet to really notice MB, but we know that day is coming.

We've had the most fun with her this first month of her life, and we know that the fun is just now beginning. And I can tell you after waiting the nine months for her to be brought into this world, it was well worth the wait. We knew we loved her the day we found out we were pregnant with her, but our love for her has doubled, tripled and quadrupled each and every day since she was born.

Can't wait to see what new firsts she has this month!!

Home With Our Baby Girl

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Walking through the door at home that Saturday was the best feeling — the smell of our house, the comfort of our living room, our bed, our shower... I could go on and on. All of these things made us happy — happy to share all these things with our new baby girl.

As soon as we walked through the door, we had to make a big introduction. This video tells it all... MB and AC, love at first sight? Maybe.

We did send home a blanket and one of her hats from the hospital with my parents so she could get used to her smell. Mom said she slept on the blanket the night they brought it home. So meeting her for the first time went pretty good. Of course, we still catch her looking at her sister and then us and it's like she's asking us, why did y'all bring this home!

After the Mr unpacked the vehicle, it was time to start adjusting to having a baby in the house. Of course we were prepared thanks to all the sweet people who showered us with gifts for her, but we had to get mentally prepared knowing there was a baby in the house. I remember putting her in her bouncer for the first time and just staring at her. The Mr had to make a run get my meds and lunch, and I told my mom... I can't believe she was inside of me. I mean, you know there is a baby in your belly because you can feel her movements, hiccups, and you see the belly growing... but then you have her outside of you and you are in awe of the gift God gave you. He made her, and he made us parents to a perfect baby girl.

Not long after we were home, we had our first visitor. Abby came to meet our sweet girl.

And later that evening, one of the Mr's co-workers wife brought us dinner and another casserole to have at a later time. It was nice not having to think about dinner that night. Mom was here with us, but since AC came early, I didn't have time to make that last run to the grocery store so mom went for us that afternoon.

Our first night at home was a dream come true. Not only did we have our little one here, she did great during the night. The Mr got up with me for feedings, and we were pleasantly surprised how wonderful the night actually was.

Sunday, my dad came back over to see his granddaughter. He had to leave the morning after she was born, so he was ready to get his hands on her again.

We had a quiet Sunday at home, and then it was time for bed. But we didn't have the same night as we did the night before. The Mr and I kept asking who swapped our child? Poor thing was not wanting to sleep, so we all took turns rocking and walking around the house with her.

The next morning we had to get ready for her first pediatrician appt. Yes, her appt was at two in the afternoon, but we knew it would take us a long time to get ready. And yet somehow we were still ten minutes late!

We really weren't sure what to expect with this appt. I mean, I've never been to a baby's Dr appt before. The nurse came in and told us to strip her down to be weighed. And she did not like that. The nurse told us she weighed 6 lbs 14 ozs. The Mr and I both started to worry. We knew she would drop some of the weight after birth, but she left the hospital on Saturday weighing 7 lbs 1 oz. The Dr came in and asked how the feedings were going. She mentioned I might want to pump to see exactly how much milk I was getting, and that we would probably want to up her supplement of formula to let her get 2.5 to 3 ozs each feeding. And then the dreaded heel stick for blood work. I'm not sure who cried more, me or her. I know she screamed though and it broke my heart. And her bili count had risen, mainly because of the weight loss, so we would have to come back again tomorrow for another recheck. =(

We got home from her appt and I pumped and realized I was only getting about an ounce to an ounce and a half with each pumping. And who knows if she was really getting that much when she nursed. So we upped the formula amount after I fed her my milk so she was getting a total of 3 ozs. Y'all the poor thing was starving. She ate, and ate and ate. And she slept so much better than the night before.

At her next appt, her bili count was down and she had gained 4 ozs overnight!! The Dr told us whatever we did after the appt until then, to keep it up. And they would see us at her two week old appt.

The next day we had another visitor, Stephanie. This was her first time to meet both of my girls!! We enjoyed her visit and can't wait for her to come back and bring Tadd!

One of my dad's co-workers gave AC a blanket about two weeks before she was born. I thought it was a good size blanket for us to take to the hospital, and never would I realize how much that blanket would be used. I'm talking this is her favorite blanket, and it's basically become her security blanket. We've since purchased another one in a light blue color just like it so we can have one at all times, especially when the other one is being washed. Her favorite thing is to have it wrapped around her and covering the back of her head. I think she looks like a little eskimo when it's on her head. =)

On Wednesday, I had my Dr's appt for a week check up from surgery. I was so emotional that day. I basically cried from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. Before we were called back to see my Dr, we went back to ultrasound to see Pam. As soon as she walked out to see AC, I started bawling. Everyone kept asking me why I was crying and I couldn't explain it. I just couldn't stop. I realized afterwards that Pam was the one who showed us her first heartbeat, told us she was a girl, and then she was finally getting to meet our little one. My Dr checked out my incision and said everything looked great. Of course, she said most c-section patients come for their first week appt in pajamas and I was some what dressed up. And she was happy I was getting around so well. But, she informed me that she thought I was trying to overdo it. And to take it easy because there is a reason c-sections have a longer recovery time.

And just like that, our baby girl was a week old!!! Nothing would ever compare to that first week of so many firsts. I remember texting the Mr at 9:35 that Thursday morning that she turned a week old. I told him I couldn't believe our baby was a week old, and he wrote back, it's been the best week of my life. He also said he teared up when he was talking to a co-worker that week and said "my daughter" for the first time, ever. So many firsts that week, but we realized we will have many many firsts for many years to come!

Friday Five {link up}

Friday, March 28, 2014

the Sowell life

the Sowell life's Friday five... 

1) {Baby Book

I've been working on AC's baby book, and I hope to keep it up. It's crazy that I filled out her one month old page yesterday. How is it possible that she's already a month old?! 

Saturday I spent all of her napping time during the day uploading pictures from our phones and camera to shutterfly. I'm going to try to remember to upload pictures every two weeks so I can avoid having a huge session like I had last Saturday.

2) {Selfie With Mommy

3) {Favorite Picture of the Week

4) {Favorite Video of the Week

5) {Keeping It Real} 

This is a glimpse of what nap time looks like when baby, MB and mommy are sleeping. And yes, you can tell our house has become baby land. We've had to move our coffee table to the fireplace to make room from all of AC's gadgets. And I can tell you that we wouldn't have it any other way. =)

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We Broke Out Early...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

After getting back in my room from the surgery, I was hooked up to all kind of heart monitors, and had leg compressors place on both of my legs. They didn't allow me to get up out of the bed until the following morning. However, I do remember begging to feel my feet. That heavy feeling was driving me nuts. If you were to sit with me during the day, you'd see that I'm constantly wiggling my toes, and not being able to do that was very aggravating.

The breastfeeding coach came in a few minutes after I was out of surgery and asked everyone to leave, well, everyone except the Mr. She and he did all the work that first feeding. And at that moment, I think he wished he had gone to the breastfeeding class!

The afternoon of AC's birth was pretty quiet for us. My parents were with us at the hospital until after lunch, and I basically napped most of the afternoon. The Mr was on Daddy duty, and I think he and AC napped together, too.

That evening, my parents came back to the hospital to drop off some dinner for the Mr. I wasn't allowed to eat until the following morning, but after getting sick to my stomach twice, they brought me some apple juice and graham crackers. After a bite or two of the graham cracker and I felt much better.

We decided to let AC go to the nursery for a couple of hours around midnight so we could both get some sleep. After not sleeping the night before, and having pain medicine in me, I was needing some sleep. They brought her back to us around two Friday morning and said she was the best baby in the nursery. Of course she was!

Early the next morning, my night nurse came in to remove all the devices I was hooked up to. I was happy to have the leg compressors removed, all the heart monitors, the pain pump, and the catheter gone. This also meant I could get up and start moving. But getting up and moving was a little harder than I thought. I immediately wanted to get up and head to the bathroom, and thankfully the nurse was very patience with me. It took some time getting off the bed, and standing up for the first time was not fun, but once that was over I felt like a new person. I'm not sure if everyone has this sensation after a c-section and standing up, but I felt so much pressure on my incision after standing. My nurse assured me that it was normal and I'd have that feeling for a few days getting up and down. Oh, and the mesh panties... yes, I did sport them for a full day the day after she was born! And they weren't that bad, but I was happy to have my undies the following day.

The only pain I really had was at my incision — burning and hurting. And, my uterus would have me cramping some, but that was really it. My tailbone would hurt if I sat too long, and still does to this day. Not sure if that is something to do with the spinal block or not.

The nurse helped me back in the bed just in time to hear my Dr walking through the door. She informed me that my ultrasound of the heart was read by the cardiologist and was normal, and that everything went great during surgery. She said AC was perfect, and then we had to take a few pictures!

She told me that I would be going home Sunday or Monday, and that I could start trying to get up and move around some today, but not to over do it. The on call pediatrician was at the hospital checking on the babies, so they came to get AC to be checked out. And just as they were taking her back to the nursery, breakfast came. Oh man, I'm not a breakfast person, but I was excited to see that plate come around. There was bacon, a biscuit, grits, scrambled eggs and juice. The Mr and I split the plate and I were both happy to have something to eat.

My day nurse came in after breakfast and told me my bandage had to come off and it was best if I took it off in the shower so I didn't scream. Mom came and brought lunch, and after we ate the Mr helped me out of bed and in the shower. Thankfully he was there to help me remove the bandage, and they weren't kidding when they said it was best to remove it in the shower. I can't imagine having it taken off without warm water pouring over it. And I'm not sure what kind of adhesive was used on those bandages, but it took two weeks for all of it to wear off with me scrubbing it every day.

Later that afternoon, the nurse came in and said if I planned to go home the next day, I needed to walk a little bit so they could tell the on call Dr the next morning that I was up and moving. The Mr and I both said, wait, we can go home tomorrow? She said, the that AC was required to stay 48 hours after she was born, and I could go whenever I was ready. Hello!! That got me moving, and by 7 that night, the Mr and I were walking the halls with me pushing AC in her crib to the nurses station so they could see me up and moving.

When we left the room, we noticed mom had put our door hanger up and had balloons on the door.

The next morning the on call Dr came in and gave me the all clear to go home and said he didn't blame me for wanting to go home early. Don't get me wrong, we loved the staff, and our room was great. It was huge, but the bed was not comfortable... at all! And the room was either hot or cold. It really didn't bother the Mr and I much, but poor AC would just shake and cry if she got cold.

While we were waiting for the on call pediatrician to come and clear AC to go home, we got everything all packed up and ready. I'll say this... I packed, a lot. I took two showers while I was there, the first one I didn't get to wash my hair, and the second one I did wash my hair, but I didn't dry it or straighten it. I never put makeup on while I was there, either. I did wear both pair of pajamas, and I did wear some of my undies. And as you can see in these pictures below, I really didn't care how I looked, and hopefully AC didn't care, either.

And FYI, I had no clue my legs and feet would swell so much after she was born. I'm talking more than they did while I was pregnant, and they hurt! It took two weeks for them to completely go down, and my Dr and the on call Dr said there was nothing that could be done for them... only time would help.

The on call pediatrician came in with AC and informed us that she was good to go home. This Dr is the one I wanted to be AC's pediatrician, but we were told she wasn't taking on any new patients, so we had to go with another one. Well, after she talked with us for a few minutes and answered all our questions, I mentioned how thankful I was that she got to check AC out because we wanted her to be her Dr, but we understood that she wasn't taking on anymore patients. We got the shock of our life when she said she would be more than happy to take her on as a new patient, and she would make sure the office knew that when we came for our first appt. YAY!!

After my nurse and the baby nurse came and read our discharge orders, the Mr packed the vehicle and we were out of there, two days early!! Whoo Hoo!!

We got home and mom was waiting outside for us. Remember I said we only live five minutes from the hospital, so it was a short drive home. And due to my lack of drying and straightening my hair, and putting makeup on... our first picture at home looked a little rough. Ha!

I'll have more on our first day/night at home, soon!

Friday Five {link up}

Friday, March 21, 2014

I'm back with the #fridayfive after having a few weeks off with the birth of our sweet little girl. I'm still a little busy getting used to our new "schedule" (which seems to change everyday) so today I'm just going to bring you five of my favorite pictures since we've been home.

the Sowell life

the Sowell life's Friday five... 

1) {Our First Family Outing To Her Pediatrician Appt 

2) {Smiling For Mama

3) {Sisterly Love

4) {Our Smiling Girl

5) {Sleeping Beauty} 

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February 27th — AC's Birth Story

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Three weeks ago today, our lives changed forever. Three weeks ago today, we welcomed our little girl into the world. Three weeks have gone by, and I'm finally posting her birth story.

After not sleeping the night before, I was watching the clock because I knew my Dr would be coming by around 7 to talk to us. My night nurse was in the room with us around 6 telling me I needed to shower with a special soap, and having me sign more paperwork. As soon as she left, I had labs drawn and I knew my Dr would be in shortly,  so I decided to wait to shower. After all, the nurse had just told us it would be around 10 before I was taken to the OR.

My Dr comes in at 7 and informed me that she had moved her surgeries around and we would be first. HOLY MOLY, it was happening quicker than we thought. She started mentioning all the prep work that would be happening after she left, and I told her I needed to shower, wash, dry and straighten my hair and put some makeup on. She laughed and said, you have time to shower, but pull that hair in a ponytail, because there is no time for all the rest.

As soon as I got out of the shower, the Mr jumped in for a quick shower. I had just gotten settled back in the hospital bed when someone came to do an ultrasound of my heart. My Dr had informed me that I would have it done before surgery and there was nothing to be worried about, but since my BP and my heart rate was elevated, it needed to be done. The tech said everything looked good, but it would be checked by a cardiologist, too.

Within a few minutes, my room filled with nurses, anesthesiologists, and the quiet in our room was gone. My nurse for the day started trying to get my IV in. I was stuck a total of 7 times before one finally took. Apparently I have small veins, or so I was told that day. The Mr was given his scrubs, and I was asked more questions. The anesthesiologist that was with me before, during and after the surgery started talking to me about the spinal block I'd be getting. He also told me if something was to happen during the surgery, they would have to give me general anesthesia and that my baby would be born asleep and they would have to wake her up after she was born. And if this happened my husband could not be in the OR with me. Those last two sentences struck a chord with me, and you'll want to remember them, too.

At 9 a.m. we were wheeled out of my room down the hall to the OR. The Mr was told to wait outside until the surgery had started. Once I was in the OR, they had me move to another table/bed and stay sitting up. I remember hanging my right leg off the edge of the table/bed and my left leg was tucked indian style. I had a total of three anesthesiologists, but the one that was with me before, during and after the surgery was always at my left side. And my nurse for the day was to my right. While we waited for the main anesthesiologist to come in, I took note of the room. There were a LOT of people in there. And each one of them came up to me and told me their name, and what their job was for the surgery. I met AC's nurses, and they showed me where she would be placed after I had her. And I heard counting going on with two nurses. I didn't know what they were doing, but Terry said after the surgery they were counting out loud. He said they were making sure they finished with the same amount of tools they started with.

Once the main anesthesiologist came in and introduced himself. Ron (the anesthesiologist who was with me throughout it all) and Renee (my nurse for the day) helped me roll over my belly so the spinal block could go in. I started shaking. Not because I was cold, because I was HOT. I was just scared to death. And I'll stand by my theory that if the Mr would have been allowed in there with me, I would have been fine. Anyway, he inserted the needle and asked me where I was feeling it, I told him to the right. He said, okay, we will try again. Next needle went to the left. So when the third needle went to the right again, I started panicking. Remember those two sentences I told you I would never forget, yeah... I started getting upset because I had already signed off that they could do general anesthesia, however, I never thought it would come to that. My Dr had come in the OR and she came over to me and grabbed my shoulders and had me look her at her. She informed me that everything was fine, that the baby was fine, and that the Mr was outside ready to come in so I needed to calm down, relax and breathe. Then she started talking about random things like the windows in the OR. She said most OR's do not have windows, and that it was a beautiful day to have a baby. Next thing I know, he sticks me with another needle and I instantly feel it going up and down my back. I screamed IT'S IN!! And he had them drop me on the table flat to get started. PRAISE THE LORD!

The sheet came up, and my Dr asked me twice if I could feel her doing whatever she was doing, and I said no. However, I kept asking to move my feet. She said silly, you can't move them. They put an oxygen mask on my face, and it was so tight that I pulled it off. I told them I couldn't breathe with it on. And Ron told me if I pulled it off one more time they would have to tie my arms down. Well, as soon as it was back on, I pulled it off again. So next thing I know it's back on and my arms are being tied down. I remember telling them how hot I was and asking for the air to be turned down. They turned it down and brought a fan over to my right side.

I hear the main anesthesiologist say surgery started at 9:34, and then the Mr is by my side talking to me. He was talking about off the wall stuff that I can't even remember to this day, but then we both hear AC cry and the Dr telling him he could look over and see his baby girl. Of course, it was so quick that he didn't even have his phone ready to take a picture, and my Dr gave him grief about it. Ha! She was literally born one minute after surgery started. Once she was out of me, the main anesthesiologist told the Mr he was going to give me something stronger to knock me out. But before I passed out, I saw the Mr holding our sweet girl, and the nurse took our first family picture.

The Mr stayed with AC while I was finishing up in the OR. I honestly don't remember anything after the above picture was taken, and that's probably a good thing. And we do have a picture of AC just outside of me, but I'll spare y'all that scene. AC had to go to the NICU, but all c-section babies do at Shelby Baptist. She and her daddy where only in there about 30 minutes before being released back to our room to be with me.

I woke up as I was being wheeled back into the room. I remember Renee saying, oh look, you already have visitors. Well, I immediately asked who was there, because we hadn't told anyone to come yet. However, my dad told my mom when he got to our house that they weren't waiting. And the nurses let them in our room to wait. They had already seen pictures of AC before I had gotten in the room because the Mr had sent them to my parents and his parents.

Renee and Ron were with me in the room making sure everything was okay with me, and making sure my pain pump was working. Next thing I know, I see the Mr coming in to check on me and show me all the pictures he had been emailing out.

He left and went back to the NICU to bring our baby girl to our room. This was the first time I saw him holding her in person. Melted my heart.

And then I got to hold my baby girl. I was still kinda out of it, but it's a moment I'll never forget!

And that's how our sweet girl was brought into this world. To me, her birth story is perfect, and I'm so thankful for a wonderful team of Dr's and nurses who made sure we both were healthy and happy throughout it all! She weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces, 19 3/4" long and was born at 9:35 a.m.

Three Weeks Ago Today...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

On Wednesday February 26th, I was scheduled for my weekly (37.5 week) prenatal appt. We always scheduled my appts for later in the after so the Mr could be with me. (BTW, he never missed one appt, and I'm so thankful for that.) Our appt started off with an ultrasound to see if AC had turned. We found out she had indeed turned, and that her turning was more than likely what was causing all the extra pressure I was feeling.

With each prenatal appt came a urine sample. As big as my belly had gotten, it was getting harder and harder to get them a sample. I joined the Mr in the room and the nurse came in to check my BP. It was 153/100. And she gave me a look that meant it wasn't good. I knew I was going to be checked so I got ready for that, and the nurse walked back in. She said I needed to give another urine sample — I had a high protein count in my urine sample. So, she took my tumbler to fill it up again with ice and water so I could get ready to head back to the bathroom. In the meantime, my Dr came in and said she had a change of plans. We would be headed to the hospital to be monitored for a few hours, but before we left, she wanted to see if I had progressed any. I wasn't even a half of a finger tip, so she felt confident I wouldn't be going into labor anytime soon.

Immediately the Mr and I started asking questions. And trust me, we had a lot of them. What would happen at the hospital? How long would we be there? Should we be worried? 

My Dr was very calm and said, how would you feel if she is born tomorrow? The Mr and I looked at each other and both said, if that's what we need to do, we are fine with it. But rest assure we really didn't fully understand what that meant because we were still convinced she wouldn't be coming anytime soon. And I'll let y'all in on a little secret... AC was scheduled to be born on March 10th. My Dr had been talking with us for a few weeks about taking her that day. So, we figured we had a least another week and a half.

We were given a packet of paperwork to carry with us a block up the road to the hospital and were told to make sure we were given a labor and delivery room just in case we didn't leave the hospital. And my Dr said she would be in touch with us soon.

We arrived at Shelby Baptist around 4:25 p.m. Getting out of the vehicle at the hospital was surreal. Both of us not really knowing what all to expect, we entered the door and headed to the nurses station of labor and delivery. We were informed they only had one room available, and since we weren't in labor they were going to put us in a recovery room. But, I did exactly what my Dr asked us to do, and told them, no... she said put us in a labor and delivery room. 

We entered into room 10 and the Mr immediately made himself at home in the recliner with the remote in hand. The nurse gave me instructions on getting another urine sample, getting set up with the baby monitor and blood pressure machine, and informed me that I would have some blood work done. Next came a thousand questions as I listened to AC's heartbeat fill the room, and as my BP was taken every 5-8 minutes.  We were finally left alone... so I started to try and calm down and watch The Middle. A few nurses came in every few minutes to check on me, and one lady even sat down on the couch and started asking about our baby's name, the nursery look, etc. It was about 6:15 and the nurse was still sitting around talking to us when the phone our room rang. No one knew we were there except my mom, and we didn't tell her what room we were in. The Mr asked if we should answer the phone and the nurse said, well, I would if I were you. (I think she knew we were going to be getting that phone call because of all the questions she was asking and she stayed until the phone rang and then slipped out of the room.) 

He answered the phone and said, sure, hold on a second. He put the phone on speaker and I heard my Dr's voice fill the room. Her next words I'll never forget... Well guys, we're having a baby tomorrow! I immediately started shaking. She said my BP wasn't going down, and the protein count in my urine was still high so she thought it was best to have AC the next morning. I started asking was she sure it was okay for her to born that early and she informed us that she would be fine. She told us we could wait, but she felt sure we would just be back the following day or two to have her. We then begged her to be released for the night and we would come back first thing in the morning for the c-section. She said she wanted me to be continually monitored, so going home wasn't an option. She also ordered me a sleeping pill so I could get some rest. Before hanging up, she told us she would be by first thing in the morning to chat and we would have our baby before noon the next day. 

I don't remember what my BP reading was after that phone call, but I remember a nurse coming in and asking if I was okay and saying, you must have just found out you're having her tomorrow. Apparently my BP had jumped quite a bit with that news. 

The first person we called was my dad. He informed us February 27th would be her birth date about a month before then. He was in a meeting in Tennessee, but said he would be leaving the next morning early to be there to meet his grand baby. We called mom next and then the Mr's mom. We also asked that none of them mention to anyone that we were in the hospital or that she would be born the following morning. It was already after 7, and we had so much to do and talk about that we really didn't want to be bothered with a thousand phone calls and texts. The Mr left to go get our hospital bags, and to pick us up some dinner. Mom was at our house so she helped him get everything I was waiting to pack together. While he was gone, a nurse came in and started asking even more questions and had me sign paperwork for the next day. The instructions I was getting were in one ear and out the other. I was still trying to comprehend that I would be holding my little girl the next morning.

The Mr got back to the hospital around 9 with our bags and dinner. However, he forgot the pillows, so he would have to drive back to the house to get those. (Our house is only 5 minutes from the hospital, so it wasn't a big deal to go back and get them.) Anyone want to guess what our dinner was that night? As we were eating, I told him that this was not how I pictured our last meal as a couple would be, and he said... well, I knew it would be McAlisters, though! Ha!

After a quick trip back home, we started to settle down for the night around 11. The Ambien I was given made me see double, and I didn't sleep a wink. The Mr got a few hours of sleep, but I think both of us had our minds racing with thoughts about what the following morning would bring.

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