February 27th — AC's Birth Story

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Three weeks ago today, our lives changed forever. Three weeks ago today, we welcomed our little girl into the world. Three weeks have gone by, and I'm finally posting her birth story.

After not sleeping the night before, I was watching the clock because I knew my Dr would be coming by around 7 to talk to us. My night nurse was in the room with us around 6 telling me I needed to shower with a special soap, and having me sign more paperwork. As soon as she left, I had labs drawn and I knew my Dr would be in shortly,  so I decided to wait to shower. After all, the nurse had just told us it would be around 10 before I was taken to the OR.

My Dr comes in at 7 and informed me that she had moved her surgeries around and we would be first. HOLY MOLY, it was happening quicker than we thought. She started mentioning all the prep work that would be happening after she left, and I told her I needed to shower, wash, dry and straighten my hair and put some makeup on. She laughed and said, you have time to shower, but pull that hair in a ponytail, because there is no time for all the rest.

As soon as I got out of the shower, the Mr jumped in for a quick shower. I had just gotten settled back in the hospital bed when someone came to do an ultrasound of my heart. My Dr had informed me that I would have it done before surgery and there was nothing to be worried about, but since my BP and my heart rate was elevated, it needed to be done. The tech said everything looked good, but it would be checked by a cardiologist, too.

Within a few minutes, my room filled with nurses, anesthesiologists, and the quiet in our room was gone. My nurse for the day started trying to get my IV in. I was stuck a total of 7 times before one finally took. Apparently I have small veins, or so I was told that day. The Mr was given his scrubs, and I was asked more questions. The anesthesiologist that was with me before, during and after the surgery started talking to me about the spinal block I'd be getting. He also told me if something was to happen during the surgery, they would have to give me general anesthesia and that my baby would be born asleep and they would have to wake her up after she was born. And if this happened my husband could not be in the OR with me. Those last two sentences struck a chord with me, and you'll want to remember them, too.

At 9 a.m. we were wheeled out of my room down the hall to the OR. The Mr was told to wait outside until the surgery had started. Once I was in the OR, they had me move to another table/bed and stay sitting up. I remember hanging my right leg off the edge of the table/bed and my left leg was tucked indian style. I had a total of three anesthesiologists, but the one that was with me before, during and after the surgery was always at my left side. And my nurse for the day was to my right. While we waited for the main anesthesiologist to come in, I took note of the room. There were a LOT of people in there. And each one of them came up to me and told me their name, and what their job was for the surgery. I met AC's nurses, and they showed me where she would be placed after I had her. And I heard counting going on with two nurses. I didn't know what they were doing, but Terry said after the surgery they were counting out loud. He said they were making sure they finished with the same amount of tools they started with.

Once the main anesthesiologist came in and introduced himself. Ron (the anesthesiologist who was with me throughout it all) and Renee (my nurse for the day) helped me roll over my belly so the spinal block could go in. I started shaking. Not because I was cold, because I was HOT. I was just scared to death. And I'll stand by my theory that if the Mr would have been allowed in there with me, I would have been fine. Anyway, he inserted the needle and asked me where I was feeling it, I told him to the right. He said, okay, we will try again. Next needle went to the left. So when the third needle went to the right again, I started panicking. Remember those two sentences I told you I would never forget, yeah... I started getting upset because I had already signed off that they could do general anesthesia, however, I never thought it would come to that. My Dr had come in the OR and she came over to me and grabbed my shoulders and had me look her at her. She informed me that everything was fine, that the baby was fine, and that the Mr was outside ready to come in so I needed to calm down, relax and breathe. Then she started talking about random things like the windows in the OR. She said most OR's do not have windows, and that it was a beautiful day to have a baby. Next thing I know, he sticks me with another needle and I instantly feel it going up and down my back. I screamed IT'S IN!! And he had them drop me on the table flat to get started. PRAISE THE LORD!

The sheet came up, and my Dr asked me twice if I could feel her doing whatever she was doing, and I said no. However, I kept asking to move my feet. She said silly, you can't move them. They put an oxygen mask on my face, and it was so tight that I pulled it off. I told them I couldn't breathe with it on. And Ron told me if I pulled it off one more time they would have to tie my arms down. Well, as soon as it was back on, I pulled it off again. So next thing I know it's back on and my arms are being tied down. I remember telling them how hot I was and asking for the air to be turned down. They turned it down and brought a fan over to my right side.

I hear the main anesthesiologist say surgery started at 9:34, and then the Mr is by my side talking to me. He was talking about off the wall stuff that I can't even remember to this day, but then we both hear AC cry and the Dr telling him he could look over and see his baby girl. Of course, it was so quick that he didn't even have his phone ready to take a picture, and my Dr gave him grief about it. Ha! She was literally born one minute after surgery started. Once she was out of me, the main anesthesiologist told the Mr he was going to give me something stronger to knock me out. But before I passed out, I saw the Mr holding our sweet girl, and the nurse took our first family picture.

The Mr stayed with AC while I was finishing up in the OR. I honestly don't remember anything after the above picture was taken, and that's probably a good thing. And we do have a picture of AC just outside of me, but I'll spare y'all that scene. AC had to go to the NICU, but all c-section babies do at Shelby Baptist. She and her daddy where only in there about 30 minutes before being released back to our room to be with me.

I woke up as I was being wheeled back into the room. I remember Renee saying, oh look, you already have visitors. Well, I immediately asked who was there, because we hadn't told anyone to come yet. However, my dad told my mom when he got to our house that they weren't waiting. And the nurses let them in our room to wait. They had already seen pictures of AC before I had gotten in the room because the Mr had sent them to my parents and his parents.

Renee and Ron were with me in the room making sure everything was okay with me, and making sure my pain pump was working. Next thing I know, I see the Mr coming in to check on me and show me all the pictures he had been emailing out.

He left and went back to the NICU to bring our baby girl to our room. This was the first time I saw him holding her in person. Melted my heart.

And then I got to hold my baby girl. I was still kinda out of it, but it's a moment I'll never forget!

And that's how our sweet girl was brought into this world. To me, her birth story is perfect, and I'm so thankful for a wonderful team of Dr's and nurses who made sure we both were healthy and happy throughout it all! She weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces, 19 3/4" long and was born at 9:35 a.m.


  1. Beautiful story! Welcome back to blogging! We've missed you.

    Avery is beautiful!

  2. Such a sweet, beautiful story!

  3. Lovely. So glad everything went well.

  4. Such a sweet birth story! Love the pictures! :) Why did they knock you all the way out at the end though?

  5. Sweet baby girl! So glad you both made it through happy and healthy. :)

  6. Aww! I love this! Sounds like a great hospital! So happy that y'all are all safe and recovering well.

  7. Such a beautiful birth story! I love those pictures of the first few moments of you two together! What sweet moments!

  8. PS I still cannot believe Miss AC is already 3 weeks old! How is that even possible?!?!

  9. I can totally relate to the panicking - when I had my c-section (also a planned one) they gave me too much anesthesia and I started having trouble breathing so they had to give me something to counter that. I remember begging before the surgery to just be put under because the thought of a needle in my spine was the worst thing I could possibly imagine and then what happens? I can't breathe. It's been over 11 years and I'm still traumatized lol

    It was all worth it though, as I know you agree. She is beautiful and that third picture of the Mr. and her is just precious. Congratulations!


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