AC's One Month Update

Monday, March 31, 2014

AC turned a month old last Thursday. I'm not sure how a month has already passed us by, but it's been the best month of our lives!

She's had a lot of firsts :

• her first water bath
• tons of smiles
• first time going through a drive thru — Dairy Queen (ha)
• her first shopping experience in babies r us
• her first squeal out loud
• meeting both set of grandparents
• meeting her neighbors on both sides

A lot has changed since we first brought our sweet girl home. Around week three, she started staying up more during the day and looking around more. She went from taking two ounces at each feeding to enjoying four ounces. She gets about an ounce of mama's milk first, and then we follow up with formula. She started out taking Similac Advance and we changed to Similar Sensitive with the advice of her pediatrician around day ten to help with the spitting up and gas. We can tell a big different in the spitting up, but she is a little tooting machine. Ha!

She loves her sleepers, and despises anything going over her head. But we are working on that because she has a lot of cute clothes that require being pulled over her head. She thinks her room is awesome and loves to look around while she's on the changing table. Bath time is fun with her mommy and daddy. She stares at herself in the mirror, kicks her feet in the water and always kicks her daddy when he tries to pour water on her to wash the suds away. However, she doesn't like getting out of her bath and getting lotioned up. We're hoping this changes when it warms up some. She still wears some newborn clothes, but we've introduced some 0-3 month clothes, too. She's still in newborn diapers, but we figure she'll be moving up to 1's in a few weeks.

After feeding times, if she doesn't fall asleep, she will try her best to talk to you. She's figured out she has a tongue and she loves to stick it out and wiggle it around in her mouth while her mouth is wide open. She's found mommy's hair and will try to grab it, but she hasn't succeeded, yet. Laying in bed with mommy and daddy is her favorite, even though we try to only put her in bed while one of us is awake. She sleeps in her rock n play on mommy's side of the bed, even though she started out in her bassinet in her pack n play when she first came home. It's easier to hear her and get to her if she's closer to mommy.

She thinks her daddy hung the moon, and when he gives her kisses, she tries to kiss him back. Her mommy likes to give her kisses on her nose and every single time she opens her mouth like a little bird — every time! She knows who her granny is, knows her papa's voice, too. She's yet to really notice MB, but we know that day is coming.

We've had the most fun with her this first month of her life, and we know that the fun is just now beginning. And I can tell you after waiting the nine months for her to be brought into this world, it was well worth the wait. We knew we loved her the day we found out we were pregnant with her, but our love for her has doubled, tripled and quadrupled each and every day since she was born.

Can't wait to see what new firsts she has this month!!


  1. It is amazing to see the changes in her in just the four weeks! She looks different in each picture. So adorable!!

  2. So incredible! All the firsts- so cool. :)

  3. Don't let those cheeks disappear! I can't believe it's been a month! Looking beautiful little AC!! More photos with mom needed though! :)


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