We Broke Out Early...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

After getting back in my room from the surgery, I was hooked up to all kind of heart monitors, and had leg compressors place on both of my legs. They didn't allow me to get up out of the bed until the following morning. However, I do remember begging to feel my feet. That heavy feeling was driving me nuts. If you were to sit with me during the day, you'd see that I'm constantly wiggling my toes, and not being able to do that was very aggravating.

The breastfeeding coach came in a few minutes after I was out of surgery and asked everyone to leave, well, everyone except the Mr. She and he did all the work that first feeding. And at that moment, I think he wished he had gone to the breastfeeding class!

The afternoon of AC's birth was pretty quiet for us. My parents were with us at the hospital until after lunch, and I basically napped most of the afternoon. The Mr was on Daddy duty, and I think he and AC napped together, too.

That evening, my parents came back to the hospital to drop off some dinner for the Mr. I wasn't allowed to eat until the following morning, but after getting sick to my stomach twice, they brought me some apple juice and graham crackers. After a bite or two of the graham cracker and I felt much better.

We decided to let AC go to the nursery for a couple of hours around midnight so we could both get some sleep. After not sleeping the night before, and having pain medicine in me, I was needing some sleep. They brought her back to us around two Friday morning and said she was the best baby in the nursery. Of course she was!

Early the next morning, my night nurse came in to remove all the devices I was hooked up to. I was happy to have the leg compressors removed, all the heart monitors, the pain pump, and the catheter gone. This also meant I could get up and start moving. But getting up and moving was a little harder than I thought. I immediately wanted to get up and head to the bathroom, and thankfully the nurse was very patience with me. It took some time getting off the bed, and standing up for the first time was not fun, but once that was over I felt like a new person. I'm not sure if everyone has this sensation after a c-section and standing up, but I felt so much pressure on my incision after standing. My nurse assured me that it was normal and I'd have that feeling for a few days getting up and down. Oh, and the mesh panties... yes, I did sport them for a full day the day after she was born! And they weren't that bad, but I was happy to have my undies the following day.

The only pain I really had was at my incision — burning and hurting. And, my uterus would have me cramping some, but that was really it. My tailbone would hurt if I sat too long, and still does to this day. Not sure if that is something to do with the spinal block or not.

The nurse helped me back in the bed just in time to hear my Dr walking through the door. She informed me that my ultrasound of the heart was read by the cardiologist and was normal, and that everything went great during surgery. She said AC was perfect, and then we had to take a few pictures!

She told me that I would be going home Sunday or Monday, and that I could start trying to get up and move around some today, but not to over do it. The on call pediatrician was at the hospital checking on the babies, so they came to get AC to be checked out. And just as they were taking her back to the nursery, breakfast came. Oh man, I'm not a breakfast person, but I was excited to see that plate come around. There was bacon, a biscuit, grits, scrambled eggs and juice. The Mr and I split the plate and I were both happy to have something to eat.

My day nurse came in after breakfast and told me my bandage had to come off and it was best if I took it off in the shower so I didn't scream. Mom came and brought lunch, and after we ate the Mr helped me out of bed and in the shower. Thankfully he was there to help me remove the bandage, and they weren't kidding when they said it was best to remove it in the shower. I can't imagine having it taken off without warm water pouring over it. And I'm not sure what kind of adhesive was used on those bandages, but it took two weeks for all of it to wear off with me scrubbing it every day.

Later that afternoon, the nurse came in and said if I planned to go home the next day, I needed to walk a little bit so they could tell the on call Dr the next morning that I was up and moving. The Mr and I both said, wait, we can go home tomorrow? She said, the that AC was required to stay 48 hours after she was born, and I could go whenever I was ready. Hello!! That got me moving, and by 7 that night, the Mr and I were walking the halls with me pushing AC in her crib to the nurses station so they could see me up and moving.

When we left the room, we noticed mom had put our door hanger up and had balloons on the door.

The next morning the on call Dr came in and gave me the all clear to go home and said he didn't blame me for wanting to go home early. Don't get me wrong, we loved the staff, and our room was great. It was huge, but the bed was not comfortable... at all! And the room was either hot or cold. It really didn't bother the Mr and I much, but poor AC would just shake and cry if she got cold.

While we were waiting for the on call pediatrician to come and clear AC to go home, we got everything all packed up and ready. I'll say this... I packed, a lot. I took two showers while I was there, the first one I didn't get to wash my hair, and the second one I did wash my hair, but I didn't dry it or straighten it. I never put makeup on while I was there, either. I did wear both pair of pajamas, and I did wear some of my undies. And as you can see in these pictures below, I really didn't care how I looked, and hopefully AC didn't care, either.

And FYI, I had no clue my legs and feet would swell so much after she was born. I'm talking more than they did while I was pregnant, and they hurt! It took two weeks for them to completely go down, and my Dr and the on call Dr said there was nothing that could be done for them... only time would help.

The on call pediatrician came in with AC and informed us that she was good to go home. This Dr is the one I wanted to be AC's pediatrician, but we were told she wasn't taking on any new patients, so we had to go with another one. Well, after she talked with us for a few minutes and answered all our questions, I mentioned how thankful I was that she got to check AC out because we wanted her to be her Dr, but we understood that she wasn't taking on anymore patients. We got the shock of our life when she said she would be more than happy to take her on as a new patient, and she would make sure the office knew that when we came for our first appt. YAY!!

After my nurse and the baby nurse came and read our discharge orders, the Mr packed the vehicle and we were out of there, two days early!! Whoo Hoo!!

We got home and mom was waiting outside for us. Remember I said we only live five minutes from the hospital, so it was a short drive home. And due to my lack of drying and straightening my hair, and putting makeup on... our first picture at home looked a little rough. Ha!

I'll have more on our first day/night at home, soon!


  1. This is so encouraging! Glad to know you did so well, and got to go home early! I have enjoyed seeing AC's sweet pictures and reading about all the sweetness!

  2. Congratulations on Avery! She is beautiful! I totally understand about wanting your hair and make up done in those early days. Everyone kept commenting the first couple weeks home that I had my hair done, but it made me feel more out together. Our first few weeks home, my husband took pictures of me and Madiosn sleeping. At the time I kept telling him to stop, but now I cherish those pictures and the early newborn days.

  3. You look great without hair and makeup! I'm glad you got to go home early.

  4. Your door hanger is SERIOUSLY adorable! I am glad you were able to go home early. Avery is just precious :)

  5. That's wonderful you got out of there early! Nothing like getting to your own home/bed, and getting into your routine with little AC. She's so beautiful

  6. I have so enjoyed reading your new mommy stories. Brings back so many c-section memories from my boys. Avery is blessed to have you as parents! And I agree you look great!

  7. First off. Your family photo is adorable! But how in the world did you escape. I was in the hospital for 4 days! 4 DAYS!! I know you are so happy to be at home! Your mini me is super cute and always puts a smile on my face when I see her on IG! I hope y'all are doing well! How's MB doing?


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