AC's first visit to Mississippi

Monday, April 28, 2014

The weekend of Easter, we made our first trip to Mississippi to see family and friends. Not that she will remember her first visit to her daddy and mommy's home state, but it was kinda a big deal for us as we crossed over the Mississippi line with our baby girl.

Friday once we got into town, we headed to the chiropractor. Mommy and daddy needed an adjustment, and we haven't found a good chiropractor in Bham like Dr. Clark in Meridian. We saw some friends while waiting our turn and were excited to visit with them. Afterwards we headed over to the Mr's parent's house to visit for a few minutes before we headed out to my parents's house.

AC got to meet her first cousins for the first time. I think they were pretty excited to watch her kick her legs, smile and squeal out.

We picked up our favorite, McAlister's, before driving out to my parent's house. And we had plenty of hands wanting to hold her while we chowed down. Papa got her first, and put her to sleep humming Come, Thou Fount.

After getting a good night's sleep, we woke up with a very big day ahead of us.

First up was a visit from Mrs. Barbara, Vanessa, Sheila, Vashti and Angeline. I was in both Vanessa and Sheila's weddings, and even babysat Vashti and Angeline... so having them meet our baby girl was a big deal. Mrs. Barbara has been my biggest fan since I was born, and I don't remember any part of my life without her. I'm so happy AC will get to know how special she is to our family!

Once we finished up our visit, we went to see my grandmother. She had no idea we were coming, so it was a big surprise for her. And it was the first time for our four generations to be together.

She had to check out her belly button, and give her lots of kisses before we left.

Next up was visiting with the Mr's parents, and his brother's family. This was the first time his brother and sister-in-law got to see Miss AC. And, she celebrated Easter with his parents.

And she had her first experience eating out at a restaurant... Outback. Although, she didn't seem too impressed with her daddy's coloring skills.

We got back to my parent's house that evening and got ready for Easter the next day. She had a big day of first's that Saturday, and she slept great that evening!

I'll have a full recap of Easter coming up soon!


  1. The girl certainly travels in style! I bet it was awesome to have her in your home state :-)

  2. How great! I love all the photos! She might not remember it - but you have documented so well she will feel like she remembers!

  3. So glad Sweet girl got to meet all her family! Mississippi is a SPECIAL place!

  4. So adorable! Even if she won't remember how exciting for her first trip to MS.


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