AC's Two Month Update

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Two months old... how did that happen? But, what a BIG difference a month makes.

• 12.5 pounds
• 23 inches long

She basically gained a pound a week since she was a month old. And we can feel it. She's a little chunker, and we love it!

She's had some firsts this month:

• traveled to Mississippi
• celebrated her first Easter
• went to church
• went out to eat at a restaurant with family
• met friends in Mississippi
• met her great grandmother
• met more family
• wore her first pair of real shoes
• stayed in her first hotel room

Our girl is definitely growing. She now takes four ounces of formula every three to four hours. She is still nursing at least twice a day (she started latching again on her one month birth day so I don't pump but every few days), but she knows when she wants her mommy, and sometimes we nurse four times a day. Sleep is different than the first month. Naps are generally shorter in the mornings, and she takes a long nap in the afternoon. Nighttime is about the same. She still goes to bed around eleven, and wakes up for a feeding anywhere from two to four. And even if she eats at four, she still wants her daddy to feed her before he goes to work.

We've packed away the newborn and 0-3 sleepers. She's officially in three month clothes. Some of her 0-3 month clothes still fit if they don't have pants or feet in them like her sleepers. She's just getting long, but they tend to fit everywhere else. We even bought her some 3-6 month sleepers, and figure she will be in those in a few weeks. She wears size one diapers, but we figure in a couple of weeks she will be in size two!

Social butterfly is she... she loves to be talked to, talk back to you (or at least she tries) and smiles all the time. Well, we take her weekly photos after bath time at night, and those pictures are becoming non smiling pictures because she's sleepy and not into it. If you sing to her, she smiles and coos along with you. And, if you smile at her, nine times out of ten she will smile right back at you.

We've been doing #ootd (outfit of the day) pictures, and she really gets into it. We aren't wearing a lot of the cute headbands. She tolerates them, but she's not a huge fan of them so we don't force it.

She's holding her head up more and more, and LOVES to look you in the eye. Her little eyebrows crack us up with their movements while someone is talking to her. And, when you kiss her on the cheek, be careful because she will turn that head and try to kiss you!! It's precious, well, everything she does is precious!!

She still sleeps in her rock n play, but we plan to start trying her sleeping in the pack n play this weekend. And yes, she's been known to sleep in our bed a time or two, and it's not just mommy putting her in there, daddy does, too. She has only slept with us one time in the bed all night, and it was an out of town trip to North Mississippi the night before she turned two months old.

Oh Avery, these past two months have been the best months of our life. You've filled our hearts with more love than we have ever known, and you make your mommy and daddy so proud to call you ours! Your little personality is adorable and we know the bigger you get, the more it will really show. Thank you for being our sweet girl, we love you more than life itself!


  1. How have two months gone by already?! She is growing up super fast!

  2. Joy I can see you in every picture! She looks more and more like you every week!

  3. I love these! Darby is right - she is a mini Joy! She had a busy month! PS - I saw the hair photo. I LOVE IT! Hahaha!


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