AC's Three Month Update

Friday, May 30, 2014

Three months old... really? How are these months flying by on us?

• 15 pounds
• 25.5 inches long

She's had more firsts this month:

• met a new friend who is a week and a half younger than her
• was dedicated to the Lord
• got her first set of vaccinations
• went to her first girls lunch
• met her Uncle Bubba

Our girl is definitely growing. She takes four ounces of formula every three to four hours during the day, and five to six ounces before bedtime. We've changed formula for the third time. She is on two actually; AR and Reguline. She is still nursing at least three times a day. Sleep habits are forming. She naps usually an hour in the mornings around 11, usually naps about an hour to two hours after 2, and will take a quick nap between 6-7 at night. She gets a bath at 9:15 and takes her night night bottle at 9:30. We try to have her in the bed by 10. She is now sleeping in her pack n play on the changing pad and sleeps til 2:30-3:30 before she's ready for her middle of the night bottle. She always goes right back to sleep, and then wakes up for her daddy to feed her at 6:30. He puts her back in the bed with me and she sleeps until at least 8.

She's wearing size three month clothes, but we've introduced some 3-6 month clothes, too. It won't be long before she's out of those threes. We've found that Carter's runs small, so she can wear some of their six month clothes. Size two diapers fit really good, but I see the size three diapers creeping up on us. I think we have another week or two left in the twos.

She's definitely a girlie girl. She loves to people watch, have conversations with anyone who is willing to talk to her (especially her mommy and addy), and sing... she sings with her mommy every day. She plays on her playmate every day, twice a day. Kicking has become another favorite. She knows her name and will look at you if you call her. She loves to follow her mommy and daddy with her eyes whenever we leave the room.

She doesn't like to be held like a baby anymore. She would rather be sitting up, even while taking her bottle. She can hold her head up for an extended period of time, and her legs are getting stronger, too. If you aren't careful she will try to stand up on her tippy toes. Bath time is great fun. She loves to kick her feet and splash, and would rather stay in that get out. But you better have a warm terry cloth towel waiting on her... that's the only way she won't cry after her bath. Oh, and lotion... the girl loves to be lotioned up. She smiles and laughs every time you start to lotion her up!

Avery, we can't believe three months have come and gone. All the prayers that we said for you before you were born, they all came true. You are truly a joy and the perfect addition to our little family. God knew exactly what he was doing when he created you! We are so proud to be your mommy and daddy, and we look forward to each and every day with you. Your smiles light up our day, and your snuggles give us warm fuzzies inside. We adore your little laughs and squeals, and love to see those baby blues staring back at us. We love you sweet girl!!

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  1. Your little girl is so stinkin cute! I love that she is chunky! Baby rolls are the best. I have a baby girl who is four months old so I love reading about your baby girl. I just found your blog, and I'm so glad :)


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