Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014 topped all the previous! This was the first long weekend holiday with our girl! And we made every second of it count.

The Mr came home from work pretty late as he was tying up loose ends so he didn't have to go to the office during the weekend. Then we went through the drive thru at Diary Queen as a family. (It's the little things!) We watched Shark Tank, and then gave our sweet little on a long bath. She loves to have water poured over her and for you to sing to her. So we took some extra time doing the things she loves that evening. Daddy always gives her the night night bottle before bedtime, and when I came from our bedroom to check on them, this is what I found...

AC has been sleeping in her rock n play since she was born. She's loved sleeping in it. We've tried to get her moved to her pack n play since she was two months old, but she wanted no part of it. So Angie D suggested we get another changing pad and put in the pack n play since she loves it so much when we change her.

We tried it out Friday night. She slept great in it for the first hour, and then we had to get her out. Determined to not put her back in the rock n play for the night sleeping, we put her and the changing pad in the bed with us. (Before anyone harps on us about how dangerous this can be, we know. We have a king size bed and we make sure she is secure in her spot so we don't roll over on her, etc.)

Saturday morning, we slept in! Hallelujah, we all slept in. No alarm clock, just the three of us snoozing away — until the alarm of a hungry baby, of course. Everything was going great until this happened. But luckily my Instagram and FB friends saved the day by giving me the tip to add some rubbing alcohol to it to fix it right up. And FYI, it does work. (The pieces on the floor were swept up and thrown away. I didn't "reuse" them.)

One of our friends from Mdn was in town for the SEC tourney and he came over for lunch and to visit. This was his first time to visit us here in The Ham. We grilled sausage and burgers and had homemade fries and baked beans. AC loved meeting him, and it was great to catch up on the latest news.

That afternoon we crashed. All three of us napped in the living room, and woke up around 6:30 that evening. Instead of cooking again, the Mr ran to O'Charleys and we shared a salad. AC slept in the bed with us that night. We didn't even try the pack n play. We just wanted sleep.

Sunday morning she had us up with the birds. So we decided to make the early service at church. With us going so early we were worried what kind of a mood she would be in, but she was awake for the entire service and did great. She fell asleep on the way home and when we tried to get her out of her car seat, this was the look we got...

The Mr did some yard work that afternoon and I started on dinner. Slow cooked pulled pork and smashed red potatoes. Yum! For the pulled pork recipe I used, click here. However, I stopped drinking diet pepsi when I was pregnant, so I used regular coke because that's what was in the house. I think I liked the flavor of the coke better than the diet pepsi!

We also enjoyed a little gelato for our snack. Thanks to Darby for introducing me to that whole 'nother level of deliciousness! And we put AC in the pack n play after her night night bottle, and she slept five straight hours! She even went back in the pack n play after the middle of the night bottle and slept until her daddy got her out the next morning to snuggle with us.

Memorial Day, a day we wouldn't have celebrated without the men and women who paid the ultimate price for our freedom, was a beautiful family day. We did a few more things around the house before we all went shopping at Lowes and Target. This is how AC shops at Lowes. (There's nothing fun to look at so you might as well nap.)

And our girl is proud to be an American!!

We ended our wonderful weekend with the grill going, and enjoying Plain Chicken's recipe for Mac and Cheese.

And in between all the yard and house work, cooking, eating, napping and shopping — we enjoying lots of play time with our girl!

We had a wonderful holiday weekend! We hope you did, too!!


  1. What a lovely family memorial day weekend. AC is just adorable and the photo of her and her daddy says it all.

  2. What a great weekend! I give the same look when people try to wake me up lol

  3. Joy - your little Avery is gorgeous! I'm pregnant with my first, due in August, and I noticed that I registered for the car seat ya'll have, are you happy with it? Any issues? Thanks so much!

    1. We love her car seat, and stroller. The only thing that is a negative (which really isn't a negative) is the weight of the stroller. I had a section and it was hard on me even after I waited the two weeks to do any lifting to get it in and out of the SUV. I've gotten great at it now, and she loves riding in it. It's a smooth ride, and I like the height of the stroller. Makes it easier on whoever is pushing it. The stroller takes up a lot of room in the back of our SUV, but we've figured out how to get everything in after shopping and still have room for it. I wouldn't trade it for the world! As far as the car seat goes... she loves it. We had our local fire department install the base to make sure it was done properly and we've had no problems or issues! We hope y'all like it as much as we do!

  4. This looks like an awesome 3-day weekend.....and of course delicious with gelato :-)


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