Father's Day Weekend Recap...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Father's Day 2014 was different in so many ways. It was the first Father's Day for my husband to celebrate as a daddy himself. And it was also the first Father's Day that we didn't get to celebrate with my papaw. Bittersweet. This year we made new memories, memories that will last a lifetime.

We started off our weekend early Friday morning headed to Meridian. The Mr took the day off (even though he worked by phone most of the day) so we could have a little extra time to see everyone while we were home.

He had a business meeting in Tuscaloosa before we could really get moving on the road, so AC and I had us some fun in the backseat. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and talking to her mama so that's what we did to pass the time.

Once we made it to Meridian, we headed straight for Papa's office to see Ganny and Papa. We planned to have lunch with them and spend the afternoon hanging out at his office to see everyone. Lunch was quick at O'Charleys before Papa's board meeting, and AC decided she would help kick off that meeting. You can tell she was really excited. Ha!

While we visited with friends and family at Papa's office, the Mr stayed on the phone working. Yeah, vacation days don't equal much of a vacation. But we were excited to see Mrs. Barbara and Angeline, and AC got to meet little Bradley and visit with his mommy and daddy. He was born two weeks after her birth day.

We ended our day at the Mr's parent's house for dinner and to settle in for the night. The nieces were there and they asked to hold her before we crawled into bed. It was a long day for Miss AC.

Saturday morning we got ready for another busy day. Our day started out with Granddaddy making AC giggle. And then I had a business meeting with my job. This time daddy and AC got to hang out and have some fun together. After the meeting, we met up with Abby and Drew for some yummy San Marcos and then back to Abby's for a little birthday celebration which included some Baskin Robbins ice cream!

We made it back to the Mr's parent's house for AC to take a quick nap, but I think her daddy got more of a nap than she did while I played beauty shop with the nieces. I took some pictures of the girls, and then some with AC and her cousins. I'll show all those pictures with another post because there are so many that I like! After the photo session we headed off to Ole Farm Beef House to enjoy celebrating Father's Day and an early celebration for my birthday.

On Sunday morning we got the Denali loaded up and ready to head south to attend church at our home church, and spend some time with Ganny and Papa.

And the afternoon was spent at Ganny and Papa's house. Uncle Bubba had the magic touch and got AC right off to sleep. Before we left to head back to Bham, we stopped at Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Billy's house so we could visit with Sheila and the girls some. I still can't believe how fast Vashti has grown up. I used to babysit her and now she will be a freshman in college in the fall!!

We had a great weekend, but a weekend back in our home town wears us out. And this little one was definitely ready to get back to her house and be around all her "stuff". I'm pretty sure if pictures could talk, this one would say... "ARE WE THERE YET?"

We hope y'all had a wonderful Father's Day weekend. I know we made lots of memories for the Mr's first Father's Day. Thankful for this new and exciting chapter in our lives.

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  1. So much family which means a lot of fun! So glad the trip went well. But geez... poor Terry sounds like he didn't get a vacation, just a "work from the road" day.


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