To My Husband...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Finding out we were expecting last July changed our lives forever. After losing our first baby way too soon, we both were very protective over this little life we were blessed with. You put up with my crazy hot flashes, weird cravings and did more around the house than I ever dreamed any husband would do.

Then I had her. Wow! The moment I laid eyes on you holding her, my love for you grew deeper and greater than I ever knew could exist. The way you cared for both of us in the hospital showed me exactly what kind of husband and father you would be. Being married for two years, we shared a lot, but those three nights and two days in the hospital brought us closer together than we've ever been before.

Once we were home from the hospital, you made sure you were a part of each and every moment with AC and taking care of me. We've never used the bathroom in front of each other, but that all changed once she was born. You probably never thought you would see the day when you would have to help me up and down from the potty, but after the c-section you took one for the team. Thankfully, those moments of awkwardness didn't last but a few days after we were home. And I'm sure neither one of us will never forget the laughter we shared during those experiences, even if I did cry out in pain after every laugh.

Next week will make four months we've had our little one in our arms. Things definitely changed after having her. Our home looks like a babies r us showroom. We sleep with a burp cloth and paci in the bed most nights. Our conversations include the words poopie and tee tee most of the time, and I'm not sure which one of those words makes us laugh the hardest. Our nighttime routine isn't what it used to be, but I'm sure one day we will miss those weekly photo sessions. Even if you roll your eyes every Thursday. The house isn't spotless. The meals have sorta become routine. But I wouldn't change any of these things because this is our life, and we are so happy and blessed that we get to live it with each other every single day.

There are things that we both said we would never do, and most of those we've had to eat our words. Like having our baby sleep in the bed with us at times, yep, that's happened. But one of the funniest is the one that you said you'd never do... buy me tampons. Last night as I was taking videos of our beautiful little girl, I went to the saved photos to send it to my email. However, I did a double take, and then doubled over laughing when I saw you had taken a picture of the tampon box under my sink in our bathroom. I remember you asking me a few weeks ago if I needed anything while you were out, and I mentioned those. Since you didn't want me getting out with the baby just to buy those, you said you would purchase them for me. But seeing that you actually took a photo of them to make sure you got the right ones, now that is LOVE.

Thank you for laughing with me after I came across this photo last night, and thank you for loving me so much that you would endure purchasing "those things." The fact that you were caught by another female on that isle holding your phone up to the many selections to make sure you got the right ones solidifies the fact that you are the perfect, loving and caring husband for me.

Here's the photo from his phone... I'm still tickled he took a photo of the box. And pray he forgives me for blogging about this. Ha!


  1. Joy I love this post, I always enjoy reading your blog but this one was just awesome. After two kids and 9 1/2 years of marriage things do change and become routine but I am thankful to also have a husband who purchased feminine products for me after both my c-sections, after he said too, " I will never buy those things so don't ask". Thank you for reminding me how blessed I am that God choose my husband for me.

  2. What a sweet post to your husband. That's true love.

  3. Best thing ever. No wonder God gave you a girl...he will be a great girl daddy as she gets older!

  4. After I had Mycah, I never dreamed of some of the stuff I would have to have help with. I was supposed to have a section (long story), but ended up with a 4th degree episiotomy (on call doc actually asked for more stuff for my stitches. Took over 3 hours to put me together. Mike had to help me out of bed, basically only thing I was supposed to do is breath. I feel the same way about mike that you do about terry. It's true love.

  5. Bless it! Chris has always been good about getting me "those things" when I couldn't get out. I ran out of the mega huge overnight pads early one morning after I had HQ. He ran to the Dollar General and picked up a pack without ever batting an eyelash. God love him.


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