Fourth of July Recap...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I've made it known many times that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but July 4th is my favorite summertime holiday. Wait, isn't it the only holiday in the summer? Oh well, still, it's one of my favorites! For the past three years we've been going to Logan Martin Lake to spend the day with our Sowell/Fields/Kemp family. It's a day of kids laughing and splashing in the water, sea doos and boats making waves in the water, and adults rocking and swinging and catching up on the latest with each other's family. It's always a big family reunion, and it's looked forward to all year long!

This year the Mr's mom, brother and his kids came to visit and join us at the lake. Hopefully next year we can talk his dad into coming, and his sister-in-law won't be sick. This was also the first year for AC to be there. Well, technically last year she was with us, but she was a well kept secret. For some of the family, this was the first time to meet her. And we were so proud of our little girl. She was a trooper all day that was mostly spent outside with a lot of things going on around her.

Once we arrived, the kids took off to get in the lake while most of the adults sat around talking and laughing. It's kinda broken up into two groups... the ladies are close to the house talking and watching the kids in the lake while the men are in the water or driving one of the sea doos or boat with kids on board. However, Shannon and usually my husband and one or two others hang out around the boat with all the fireworks on it. Shannon is the electrical engineer who puts on the greatest fireworks show, ever.

And, there is always tons of food. This year we had BBQ for lunch and hot dogs and sausage dogs for dinner. Oh, and the desserts are endless. Aunt Barbara always has the house decorated in red, white and blue from lights and wreathes down to the table clothes!

Everyone tries to wear something red, white or blue, for the family pictures...

Once the sun sets, everyone heads down to the lake for Shannon's patriotic video of the year, and to see his amazing fireworks show! We are blessed to have a 15-20 fireworks show with some of the biggest and best fireworks we've ever seen. So thankful for all the time and hard work Shannon puts in to this for us every year.

 Not trying to wish our life away, but we're all ready for our next 4th of July celebration at the lake!!


  1. Joy, I absolutely love following along with your adorable family. AC is precious and beautiful, just like her parents! :) It looks like you guys had a blast this 4th of July! :)

  2. How awesome! And even better that AC did great! Makes trips a lot more enjoyable!


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