Saying "Thank You"

Monday, July 21, 2014

Call it a "southern thang" or the way I was raised, but writing thank you notes are one of my favorite things to do. Since technology has grown over the years, I feel the art of writing a thank you note has become something of the past. However, it shouldn't be. As an adult, walking to the mailbox and seeing a handwritten card or note that's not a bill can make my day.

And to make writing thank you notes fun, there are thousands of cute note cards/thank you cards to choose from. You can even make them your own by having them personalized. Here are some of my favorite thank you cards...

The first one comes in different colors and shapes, the middle one because chevron is still in, and the last set are ones you can design to make them your own!

You can find these favorites here, here, and here.

We also have one of these return address stamps which makes your envelope cute and it's quick and easy to use. Ours is just about out of ink, and I'm thinking I'll be ordering this design next!

Check out all the cute designs you can choose from by clicking here.

Now that you have all the things you need to get started writing thank you notes, here are a few tips for writing and sending your thank you notes...

• If you are having a bridal shower or a baby shower, have a friend or family member write down the giver and gift(s) so you can check off sending them a thank you note afterwards. This is a picture of the baby gifts/givers from my baby shower back in Feb. I went down the list and wrote each thank you note, and then checked off by their name so I knew it was sent. I also did this for our wedding shower.

• Set a goal of 5-7 days after your shower/event to send out thank you notes. I sent out 75 thank you notes just from my baby shower alone, and it was over 100 for my bridal shower. When you have this many to write, spend a few minutes every day and write 10 - 15. You'll be done in no time!

• Try not to be generic in your thanks. (This is where writing down the gift and giver comes in handy.)

• If you don't have their address, you can use the White Pages App to help. You search by name and city/state. But also ask your host/hostess to give you a copy of their invite list, so you'll have the correct spelling of their name and address to use.

• If you have received a gift out of the blue or you just need to say thank you to someone, write that thank you note while it's fresh on your mind.... that way you don't forget.

• Don't stand in line for stamps, you can go online to buy them, or at most USPS stations they have a machine for you to print out stamps in sheets.

And remember, people spend time and put a lot of thought into the gifts they select for you, not to mention the money they have spent, so sending a thank you note is the least you can do.


  1. I still do the thank you cards, invites, Christmas, and birthday cards. Call me old fashioned but I love them. Just makes it personal.

  2. Totally agree! My mom raised me to always write thank you notes and I still do to this day. My sister and I finally decided last month to quit writing them to each other for bday/ Christmas gifts :)

  3. I agree mama! Thank you notes totally matter!

  4. I agree... I can say it's easier with a shower or party ... it's the random gifts I am not so hot at "thanking" ! Great reminders!


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